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Best SEO Strategies to Boost your website traffic

March 21, 2018By Rakshit Patel


Every day, people use Google to conduct over 3.5 billion searches. In the U.S., 78% of people use the web to research products and services before buying. According to Google this year India crossing the 40 crore internet user mark. 23 crore users are accessing Google search in local languages, and 28% of them doing Google Voice searches in regional languages, too. We can say Hunger for Internet and data just keeps on increasing. You will have to work hard to see results using these Best SEO Strategies.

Now the question still remains, how I can rank my Website on the Top Position? In order to rank higher in the search result, you will need Best SEO Strategies as well as optimizes each and every web pages of your site. Unique content is a key to rank your website in the top position of SERP.

There are Few Factors you need to keep in mind while doing Optimization for Your Website. Let’s discuss Best SEO Strategies that will help to Boost your website traffic.


Unique content is a key to rank your website at the top position. It is most important part of Best SEO Strategies. With so much information on the web these days, the competition for high-quality content is strong – and it’s growing. Content is the important factor of SEO. Content is a key to our site’s overall quality. It doesn’t matter what topic you have in your mind or what your blogging niche is, your audience can probably find tons of different resources when they will Google your keyword you used.

Does that mean you should give up on blogging? Obviously not You can still work on an evergreen topic and bring something fresh on the table. moreover, You need to have an idea for said content. Don’t Use Duplicate content, If you have similar content in various pages of your site, it’s actually a bad sign for you ranking. So avoid duplicate content and write original and fresh content for your page. Just reveal your individual style and think of something original.

Length of the content: Length of the content is also an important factor. Make sure you have long content in your page, the longer your content is, it will be more useful for your site ranking. Don’t be lazy when it comes to write long content.


On Page means All Activities you perform on your website to assist you to rank higher, for instance, Meta Tags, Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions, Page Titles, Internal Linking, Title Tags of Hyperlinks, Alt Tags for IMG etc. Still, you need to keep in mind a few Factors while doing on page Optimization. use a verity of Keywords to target your text to attract more and more users that can help to create more content there are mainly two types of SEO activity you should keep an eye, off page optimization and on page optimization.

Use Keyword in H1 tag: H1 tags can improve your search engine ranking. H1 tag is the highest level tag that shows what your specific page is about. Use verity of keywords to target your text to attract more and more users that can help to create more content. One of the best habit is to use your keyword in H1tag on a page. Keywords should be relevant to your content. Your H1 tag should be at the top of the page content.

Use your keyword in Meta description tag: Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide brief summaries of WebPages. Including the keyword in description makes it more relevant to a search engine and a searcher.

Use outbound links and internal links to your site: Outbound links: In a Simple word Outbound link is a link to a site outside of your site. When you link out to related domains, it not only helps the search engine to understand your niche, but also helps to increase the trust and quality of your site which plays a key role in your SEO.

Internal Links: Internal links are links that go from one page to different page on the same domain. This can refer to the main site navigation, It also refers to links within articles to related content, Internal linking is one of the most important and most overlooked factors in hitting your rankings goals.



Off-page, SEO includes all the things which you can perform openly OFF your website to assist you to rank higher, for instance, Directory Submission, Article Submission, Forum & Blog Marketing, Social Networking, PPT Submission, Prerelease submission, Video Submission etc. Many people refer off-page SEO to link building. But It’s not about only link building. It’s much more than that.

Social Media Platforms: Social media platforms are one of the best resources to build trust and authority of your website. You can connect with people and share your content on various social media networks. Google also like social signals in the term of ranking a website. Here are some popular social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest.

Article Sharing: There are a bunch of good article sharing platforms, you can add great value to your blog by submitting an article on different platforms. This is the best way you will get High quality do follow backlinks.

Forum Submission: To get high quality do follow backlinks Answering the questions on the forums is the best way. another benefit is that you can use forums for your brand awareness and for generating the traffic. but while doing form posting make sure you are not submitting your blog to spammy (low quality) bookmarking sites can be hurt your SEO as well as your website ranking.

Image sharing & Video Marketing: Share unique & creative images related to your niche. If you think Contents are only for web search. you are right. But, nowadays people also search for images. Image sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram that can help to improve your search engine visibility and traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking: You should do social bookmarking to get your blog posts indexed more quickly and increase your brand awareness. moreover, Social Bookmarking websites where web users share their web pages, articles, blog posts, images. There are number of advantages to submitting your content to social bookmarking sites.


Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. Sites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings. Link building is an art. A solid link building strategy is key for reaching SEO success. moreover, It’s almost always the most challenging part of an SEO’s job, but also the one most critical to success. Link building requires creativity, hustle, and often, a budget. Link building is one of the most difficult activities to measure.

How to Get Other Sites to Link to You

Content Creation & Promotion: Create Unique, high-quality content that people will genuinely want to reference and link to, and tell people about it. You have to spread the word before you can expect anyone to find your content and link to it!

Reviews & Mentions: Reviews & Mentions are most important for your sites or blog posts. Share your product, service, or site in front of influencers in your industry, such as people with a large social media following or popular bloggers

Links from Friends & Partners: You can ask people you know or people you work with to link to your site, links from sites that are in the same industry or niche as your site will have more value than links from random, unrelated sites.


Best SEO Strategies is to Promote your content on social media. One of the best ways to increase traffic to Get Social. Social media sites can be your top traffic sources if you share your latest blog posts, Website related content or images across your social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest. Use hashtags, Keywords to engage with people related to your industry.

Great content is a key to build your traffic. Find your target audience, groups and be Connect with your audience. Utilize social media to improve the website traffic to your post. Social media marketing is one of the factors to make people visit your site. Social media sharing is one of the main traffic boosters for blogs.

I hope these Best SEO Strategies helps you to improve your rankings and generate more business from organic search! Hire a Search engine company, which can improve your Google rankings, but also improve your organic visibility overall. Good SEO services by a capable SEO company can be a great investment.

Rakshit Patel

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