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Do You Have a Mobile Friendly Website?

March 20, 2018By Rakshit Patel

Mobile Friendly Websites are good for business. I was just wondering like how much time do we spend online? And at that time how much on our smartphones or tablets? Like talking about me I’m among all time and like me, there are many of us. As the Mobile Usage has constantly increased and is touching skies our business is changing. And in this change is moreover taking over to all of the small business, yet I’m hoping for the real change.


With the help of Mobile Friendly Website, You can achieve consistent website experience across all devices. I own a Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro and since I have this device my usage on Mobile has increased drastically. I use it for everything from checking emails, Skype, billing, social media and yes sometimes playing some nerdy games. And I would say if Desktop is my entire week than Mobile is my Weekends. As I use my desktop entire week I do use my mobile at nights and weekends at least it makes me connected to my digital world.

Even when I’m with my family having scoops of ice cream I still can give a peek-a-boo to my customer’s satisfaction as taking and giving followups through my phone. Like you can decide what you’re going to come up with and so many a times I have some very urgent and important emails that I can’t neglect reaching until to desktop.

Like I don’t want to make it sound like it is something very trendy but the actual fact that you can’t take off your eyes completely form this digital world. As I do see my sixteen-year sister freaking out as when she couldn’t find her. It’s just not the trend but the part of our society and culture.


Giving a flashback to last few years Mobile Friendly Website where something like the brands for some of the bigger websites like it would signify a luxurious luster having Mobile responsive sites.But the day has changed with another drastic trend and now it’s not something to show off but the requirement for any level business either Large, Average or Small.

Here in Crest Infotech, we don’t go for developing creative and beautiful websites but Mobile responsive holds an important perspective for us. Crest Infotech has extensive expertise in custom Mobile Application Development and has vast experience in developing Mobile Applications which includes iPhone Application Development, windows application development, and Android Application Development.

Responsive web design allows website developers to best utilize the available screen real estate on the desktop and mobile devices. The website adapts to the layout without removing massive amounts of web content.

Like I remember once giving a glimpse of Mobile responsive was really an expenditure but now we don’t actually need to think about that as it just not the need but the requirement. Like the Businesses now don’t need it just as a brand exposure but they really should acquire it as one of the mandatory requirement.



  • Captures more traffic
  • Captures higher ranking and more Mobile traffic for local terms.
  • Duplication of sites can be avoided as which was been resulted managing two websites
  • Increases your business
  • Much cost efficient than developing separate websites for desktop and mobile.
  • Time savior as you would develop one website


Google recommends to all the Web magicians to follow the same industry practice by using HTML and CSS. Responsive Web Design “keeps your desktop and mobile content on a single URL, which is easier for the user to search, share and link to and for Google’s algorithms to assign the indexing properties to your content.


So if you’re ready to go for Mobile Responsive site just Hire Mobile developers to create the custom websites. I’m here to help you with either route if you want to go to a mobile responsive site just check our site, Crest

Rakshit Patel

Author ImageI am the Founder of Crest Infotech With over 15 years’ experience in web design, web development, mobile apps development and content marketing. I ensure that we deliver quality website to you which is optimized to improve your business, sales and profits. We create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.