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Want to Make Your Own Uber Taxi Booking Clone App?When it comes to Uber-like app development, no one knows it better than us. Want to develop a taxi booking app like Uber, Lyft or Grab?

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    Build Your Own Uber Taxi Booking Clone App

    Want to make your taxi startup successful like Uber and Lyft? Complete taxi booking app solution considered as the future of transportation. Recreating Uber Taxi Booking Clone App, Crest Infotech develop a fully-integrated custom Uber Clone App, which includes drivers’ and customer’s app along with an admin panel, which take care of the dispatches and bookings.

    Our dedicated team of Mobile app developers knows what exactly it requires to develop an app like Uber. If you are planning to start your full time business in taxi booking, you can take our  mobile application development services from us.


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    Features for Different Taxi Booking App Solutions

    If you want to build a successful taxi booking app, these are the features that you don’t want to miss. This list came out of our experience of developing over 50 successful Uber-like apps. We request you to make a list of features you want in your app/solution and send it to us, so we can better guide you with your requirements.

    Admin Panel


    Manual Dispatch

    Manually assign a trip request to the driver on behalf of the rider. This feature is useful in the areas like low-network, where riders can’t request for a ride and for outstation customers.

    online payment

    Driver Transaction

    Get a complete weekly report of the driver’s trip, total revenue earned, commission and the total payable amount after deductions. And, track all the drivers and their details about the trip.


    Advance Fare Management

    There is a very flexible pricing strategy that allows setting flexible prices based on the specific area, time and flat charges. It is extremely simple to handle the feature.

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    User Interactive Dashboard

    The feature will help admin to have an eye on the active, completed, pending and cancelled trips on the dashboard. Under one section, track everything.


    Driver Wise Commission

    Set different commission rates for the different group of drivers. With this feature, manage the commission rate of all the drivers and check and change it anytime.


    Admin Reports

    This feature will help admin to check the total trip statistics for a period defined. Check and track statistics of all the trips for a defined period.

    Uber for Other Businesses

    Uber could be used for any on-demand service you can think of. Whether its on-demand taxi or package delivery, we have built Uber like apps for almost all the categories. Yes, that’s right. We take pride in having developed Uber for Business apps of various categories. There is much more in the store, you may have a look at some of our achievements.

    Uber App for Delivery

    Uber for Delivery

    We have already developed Uber for delivery app called Ninja Delivery for one of our clients. The app allows people to send any kind of packages to their desired location.

    Uber App for Trucking

    Uber for Trucking

    Our dedicated team of Uber developers have already developed Uber for trucking application with requisite features like real-time location tracking, easy-to-access information, logging bills, tracking performance and payment.

    Uber App for Women

    Uber for Women

    Considering our client’s needs, we have developed Uber for women application like Gosafr. The developed app only employs women drivers and accept only women and children as passengers.

    Uber App for Food

    Uber for Food

    Uber for food delivery apps like Postmates and DoorDash are especially for food delivery from different restaurants. Browse local restaurants, dishes from those restaurants, order food and pay directly from the app and get it delivered to the doorstep.

    Uber App for Tutoring

    Uber for Tutoring

    With the experience of Uber-like app development, our team also tried its hands on Uber for tutoring app for private coaching classes. Including features like video session, live chat, easy scheduling, in-app payment, we developed a right uber for the tutor’s app like scholarly.

    Uber App for Kids

    Uber for Kids

    With the growing number of kid-focused ride-sharing services, we have also developed Uber for kids solution for one of our clients. The app is especially for kids to give them a safe and easy riding experience.

    Uber App for Pets

    Uber for Pets

    We have developed Uber for dogs application that is an on-demand dogwalker solution. The app allows users to browse dog walkers, book and make payment.

    Uber App for Photographer

    Uber for Photographer

    We change the way people hire a photographer. With the experience of developing Uber for Photographer app solution, we make any type of on-demand photographer solution with requisite features.

    Uber App for Babysitters

    Uber for Babysitters

    Whether you want to create Uber for babysitters or any other on-demand nanny solution, our team helps you to make a right on-demand babysitting application.

    Uber App for Doctors

    Uber for Doctors

    As doctors find it difficult to stay connected with their patients, Uber for Doctors is the right solution that eliminates the gap between doctors and patients through live chat option, instant appointments and guidance.

    Uber like App Development Process


    1. Analysis of Requirements

    • Get to know our client
    • Comprehending client’s requirement
    • Proposing a solution

    web design

    2. Wireframing & Designing

    • Blueprint structure
    • Wireframing each screen
    • Designing the app

    strategic development

    3. Development

    • Coding the app
    • Layout main sections
    • Client’s feedback


    4. Testing

    • Testing the app
    • 100% bug-free
    • Get final approval from the client

    cloud servers

    5. Deployment

    • Deploy to App Stores
    • Deploy to client’s server
    • App available for users

    How We Implement And Launch Your Future Uber Taxi Booking App?


    Requirement Gathering

    The business consultant and technical lead discuss with the client to know business needs.

    mobile app

    Custom app development

    The app is tailor-made with a creative twist to make the app’s look-and-feel stay sync with your brand.

    cloud servers

    Server setup and backup

    For data ownership and security reasons, we prefer setting up the solution server in-house.

    secure shield icon

    Security compliance check

    A security audit is performed to ensure the app meets the food delivery industry standards and other regulations.


    App store launch

    The developers help in listing the Android and iOS apps on the respective play store and Apple store.

    maintenance support

    Support and maintenance

    The technical team dedicatedly offers support and maintenance services 24/7 when required.

    The Technology Stack Behind Uber-like Taxi Booking App Solution

    We recommend React Native Development for Mobile apps while Laravel Development or NodeJS Development for Admin Panel and Web Services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

    Yes, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all our clients, ensuring that the app idea and other details are completely safe with us. Even, signing and NDA avoids any kind of misunderstanding between us.

    What do you provide in a free demo?

    We do have one dedicated person, who provides a free demo of the taxi booking solution that we have already developed for our clients. In this 30 to 45-minutes free demo, the dedicated person will cover all the main features of taxi booking solution, including customer’s app, driver’s app, and admin panel. In fact, he will answer resolve all the queries that you may have related to the taxi app solution.

    Should I develop taxi booking app if there are only 10 to 15 registered drivers?

    Yes, of course. You can develop your own taxi booking application to expand your taxi business by managing it with a complete solution, including the rider and driver’s app and admin panel. By developing the taxi app, you can attract more customers to your business.

    How much time will it take to develop Lyft and Uber-like taxi booking solution?

    The common question that most of our clients asked us is, how much time it takes to develop Uber like taxi booking app. The approximate time to develop taxi app like Uber is 4 to 6 weeks. But this time varies according to the platform (Android & iOS) you want to develop on, features, and functionalities that you want for your app. We request you to make a list of features you want and contact us to get the exact timeline. We don’t charge to send you a quote.

    Why should I hire Crest Infotech Technologies for developing my taxi booking application?

    At Crest Infotech Technologies, we have experience of developing a taxi booking app solution (radio taxi solution) for taxi startups and entrepreneurs. Our team of Uber developers makes use of the right tools and technologies to develop a technologically advanced taxi app solution. They first comprehend your taxi business and its requirements and then suggest the right solution with the necessary features.

    Does Crest Infotech develop Uber Clone App or Uber Clone Script?

    We develop features like Uber app but with our own ideas and innovation. We do not develop Uber Clone Apps or Uber Clone Script. Being a white label taxi booking app development company, we develop every single app from scratch.

    How will Uber for X solution help my business?

    If you own a business that provides services and products that could be demanded like on-demand services then Uber for X or Uber for all solution is your go-to. There are a few benefits we would like to list out here:

    • Business Management: When you have a feature-rich on demand app for your business, it assists in managing your business activities. All your deliveries, billings, and stocks are managed properly.
    • Client Retention: An advanced Uber for X solution will be user-friendly helping to enhance the customer experience. Not only will you acquire new customers, but the app will also help in retaining old customers.
    • Employee Management: The app or solution is not only for clients but it is also for the employees who have direct interaction with the customers and employers. This will give the real picture and help them manage their tasks efficiently.
    This is just an overview of how Uber for X can be helpful for your business. If you need more details, contact our Uber for X expert.

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