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Mobile App Security: Best Practices to Protect User Data

Mobile app security is a paramount concern for both app developers and users alike. With the increasing prevalence of mobile apps in various aspects of our lives, protecting user data from unauthorized access, breaches, and malicious attacks is critical.

July 10, 2024By Rakshit Patel


The Most Significant Difference Between Laravel and NodeJS

The main goal of many of the innovations introduced in the twenty-first century was to make problem-solving in development projects as simple as possible. These technologies are designed to address important coding issues and challenges. Laravel and NodeJS are two of the most recent web frameworks, each with its own set of unique functionalities and […]

May 29, 2021By Rakshit Patel

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For IoT Projects, Fog Computing vs. Cloud Computing

According to Statista, there will be 30 billion IoT devices on the planet by 2020, and 75 billion linked objects by 2025. All of these devices can generate massive quantities of data that must be processed rapidly and sustainably. Fog computing, like cloud computing, enters the picture to meet the rising demand for IoT solutions. […]

May 14, 2021By Rakshit Patel

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11 IoT Securities You Must Have for Your Smart Devices

OT Securities You Must Have Make sure your system is built to be secure. Make sure it is safe by design prior to buying an IoT system or solution. If the supplier is unable to provide the necessary information, reconsider opting for a specific product or solution. You can also ensure that the manufacturer provides […]

April 09, 2021By Rakshit Patel