Wireless Network Technology’s Evolution

Since the invention of wireless network technology, more than a century has passed. Since 1880, developers have made incredible progress, such as developing an LTE network. Many people are now wondering, given its exponential growth: What does the future hold for wireless networking? It’s helpful to understand the foundations of wireless network technology before jumping […]

May 28, 2021By Rakshit Patel


Wired Network Technology’s Evolution

Wired network technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since its inception in the 1800s. It continues to develop and test the limits of speed as researchers find faster ways to transmit data, much like wireless network communications. What does the future hold for wired internet for users and businesses? Wired Network Technology’s History: Broadband […]

May 28, 2021By Rakshit Patel

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Why go for offshore remote developers?

For many IT companies around the world, hiring offshore developers has become a common option. Companies are increasingly looking to outsource their work for a number of reasons, including cost savings, access to top skillsets, and versatility, But how does one know whether or not to employ offshore developers? Don’t worry if you have the […]

May 18, 2021By Rakshit Patel

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Securing the Future: Cyber security Predictions for 2021

Predictions are often a dangerous endeavour. A year ago, someone who wrote this article may not have predicted what was waiting in store in 2020. In cybersecurity, everything has been changed by the wholesale change from the workplace world to the virtual workspace in unexpected ways. To offer only one example: communication tools like Slack […]

May 12, 2021By Rakshit Patel

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What exactly is Li-Fi and how does it work?

A modern form of wireless link that transmits data using light sources rather than microwaves and is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi, the technology that has been a kind of oxygen that enables us to live in an interconnected world since its emergence in the early twentieth century, could be overcome soon. Although its […]

May 10, 2021By Rakshit Patel

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11 IoT Securities You Must Have for Your Smart Devices

OT Securities You Must Have Make sure your system is built to be secure. Make sure it is safe by design prior to buying an IoT system or solution. If the supplier is unable to provide the necessary information, reconsider opting for a specific product or solution. You can also ensure that the manufacturer provides […]

April 09, 2021By Rakshit Patel

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Industry 4.0 Revolutionizes Wireless Networking

In recent years, few production developments have been as buzzworthy or as promising as Industry 4.0.0. This industrial revolution, powered by data, promises to make factories a safer and more productive environment, but today’s technology does not see it through. Although connected factories are currently a major improvement, to truly experience Industry 4.0, manufacturing requires […]

March 25, 2021By Rakshit Patel

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Artificial Neural Networks in Machine Learning: Computer Vision & Neural Network

It can be a minefield to deal with big data! The volume of data generated on a daily basis is rising exponentially and the preservation and security of this information is of utmost importance as our customers are only too aware. As more businesses find themselves accruing large quantities of data, it is something that […]

March 23, 2021By Rakshit Patel