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7 best platforms to build web applications

7 Best Platforms To Build Web Applications

Simply having an online presence is not enough People always looking for something new. You always need to walk with the latest trends and technology. There are numbers of web applications tools available in the market. If you didn’t even know where to begin? It can turn into a nightmare to choose the Best one. […]

July 01, 2019By Rakshit Patel

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile App Banner

New Website Launch Announcement-2019 | Crest Infotech

We are excited and thrilled to officially announce the launch of our newly designed website crestinfotech.com Crest Infotech is one of the best Website Design & Development Company in India. With this Newly Upgraded version of Crest Infotech, our goal is to to create a user-friendly browsing Experience. We hope you enjoy our newly designed […]

June 24, 2019By Rakshit Patel

top php development tools for developers in 2019

Top PHP Development Tools for Developers in 2019

There are lots of PHP tools are available in the market both free and paid. It’s tricky Job to find the Best one. If you are new in PHP Programming, don’t panic you can easily start with a basic text editor like notepad or you can use PHP IDE such as NetBeans. It’s a Very […]

June 20, 2019By Rakshit Patel

Top 5 Reasons To Hire Dedicated Developers From Crest Infotech Banner 1 1

Top 5 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers from Crest Infotech

Most of the time we worried about the High cost of hiring developers. Here’s the solution that will definitely help you. Yes, the solution is a Dedicated team approach. When you hire Dedicated developers from Crest Infotech you could end up saving Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in web development and app development costs. You […]

July 12, 2018By Rakshit Patel

Packages and Offers by Crest Infotech One should know banner

Packages and Offers by ‘Crest Infotech’ One should know

People are choosy in their choice, Especially when they are out for shopping or taking food. They are already confused what they want and how they want, I am talking about woman.. hahaha As we know that woman bargains more in anything. But do we know that this trick works in IT field, with technology […]

May 23, 2018By Rakshit Patel

Right CSS Framework for our Website Banner

Right CSS Framework for our Website

If you’re going to build the website with numbers of pages, there are numerous questions that would cross your mind. You probably look for designs, functionalities, color combinations, subscriptions, framework and the list is. Talking specifically about designs we think a lot about it because design holds an important part in development. Today we’ll talk […]

April 26, 2018By Rakshit Patel

Technology Makes us Human Banner

“Technology Makes us Human!!”

Reading the Heading everyone will have a question that how Technology makes us human? Isn’t it? Today here we will discuss, with the help of technology how the world runs. TECHNOLOGY MAKES US HUMAN In an age where technology surrounds and influences humanity one must consider whether technology is changing how we think, feel and […]

April 26, 2018By Rakshit Patel

How Crest Infotech Stands different from other IT companies Banner 1

How Crest Infotech Stands different from other IT companies

“CREST = A comb, The Top of Hill”. From the name of it, we can see how it stands Crest in the field of Technology! As in Humans, we are saying that someone’s behavior depends on their name. Same as in organizations or business market one can judge the potential of an organization. The word […]

April 17, 2018By Rakshit Patel

Indias Future in Information Technology Banner

India’s Future in Information Technology

We are facing a daily reality such that innovation is a significant need for mankind. We are so used to the present innovation that we utilize its sources in our everyday life. It is clear from the way that we are subject to PCs for all that we do and it has made our lives, […]

April 13, 2018By Rakshit Patel

Make your unique ideas possible with the Crest Infotech Banner

Make your unique ideas possible with the Crest Infotech

In this startup and entrepreneurial trend; innovative ideas are not enough it also requires the research in all impacts and you need powerful implementation strategy. As we know innovative ideas are worthful and it always born in the problem-solving minds. HOW CREST CAN HELP? Crest Infotech is the service provider IT company with the 10 […]

April 04, 2018By Rakshit Patel