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The Internet of Things’ disruptive growth and effect on web development

June 15, 2021By Rakshit Patel

Regardless of the programming language, content management system, or front-end applications you use, web development creativity is likely to take precedence in your daily work.

With the continued growth of IoT (Internet of Things) devices on the global market, software firms and independent web developers alike have a lot to look forward to.

Tech companies and independent web developers alike have a lot to look forward to with the continued development of IoT (Internet of Things) devices on the global market.

This demonstrates a large potential opportunity for web developers to apply their experience and skills to IoT devices and software packages.

But how does IoT development impact traditional web development? The recently released data indicates that IoT devices will be adopted at a pace of 43 percent in the next five years, highlighting the importance of IoT technologies in web growth.

What adjustments can we expect as we reach 2019 and approach a point of global interconnected device oversaturation?

IoT/web hybrid devices ripe for growth

Let’s look at some real-world examples of where IoT can be used today before we get into the effects of IoT.

It’s worth noting that IoT and the web already work together to some degree, but as more and more devices gain internet capabilities, the trend will only continue to expand.

Smart watches

Smart watches aren’t a brand-new product on the market. They are, however, directly linked to the user’s iOS or Android computer, which acts as the watch’s anchor.

IoT and web development tools have already made their way into this piece of hardware in novel ways.

They allow users to browse the web and view pages in their native state, without interfering with the website’s overall UX and stability.

Personal assistants

In several cases of hardware growth, software applications like Cortana, Siri, and Bixby have become the standard.

Microsoft and Samsung, for example, place a high value on ease of use and progress in learning how to use each of their devices effectively.

Even now, personal assistants use an IoT database to extrapolate requests, notes, and even answer questions from users.

Computing devices

IoT implementation, when combined with copywriting and localization platforms like The Word Point, allows personal assistants to provide real, believable, and valuable information to their users.

Because of their usability and low cost, small portable devices like Raspberry Pis have become very common.

Raspberry Pis and their variants can be used for a variety of home and office applications by people who don’t need dedicated desktop stations or Apple computers.

Traditional Windows and Mac OSes, on the other hand, do not belong in the same tree as these small-scale devices.

In terms of IoT, these devices provide web-based user interfaces for a variety of appliances and technology (heating, house security, etc.).

Making plans for the future (conclusion)

Although all of these influencing factors may appear to be harmful to current trends and construction pipelines, the reality is not so dire.

Only time will say how much the Internet of Things will continue to influence web creation as we know it.

New devices and web development methodologies will emerge at each point of interconnected development, resulting in revolutionary new technologies over time.

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