AngularJS Vs NodeJs Compatibility Applications Uses

AngularJS V/S NodeJS : Compatibility, Applications & Uses

February 03, 2017By Rakshit Patel

It has always been a confusing part for almost every client to choose in between AngularJS and NodeJSfor their web applications development. Moreover, we have come across a number of clients who wanted us to suggest which technology to use for building server side and client side web applications. However, understanding the difference in between AngularJS and NodeJSis must before you pick any of them for your server side and client side Web Application.

Primarily, AngularJS Development and NodeJS Development both are JavaScript frameworks used to develop web applications. Initially JavaScript was used for simple things like Validation of form data, Image zooming on hover of thumbnail, animating html elements and others.

However, from last few years, JavaScript emerged largely and it has become a powerful programming language to create optimised server side and client side web applications.


NodeJS is written in C, C++ and JavaScript languages to interact with server-side and create smooth and powerful web applications. Moreover, it is a cross-platform runtime environment for web applications. It uses V8 JavaScript engine to execute JavaScript code. It’s similar to JRE (Java Runtime Environment), Adobe AIR, CLR (Common Language Runtime), ART (Android Runtime) or Action Script.

It is widely used for creating server-side Real-time web applications.


AngularJS by Google is also JavaScript framework but it has unique syntax and tag attributes. Moreover, it is MVC based architecture. Furthermore, AngularJS makes use of custom HTML tags and HTML tags attributes (directives). Although it is written in JavaScript, it is completely different than other JavaScript library like jQuery.

AngularJS is widely used to create powerful single page client-side web application. If you are looking to Hire AngularJS Developer, please get in touch with us.

In conclusion, NodeJS is runtime environment useful to develop server-side web applications while AngularJS is useful to develop single page or multi-page client side web applications.




You must install NodeJS in order to write web application using NodeJS. It can be easily installed in Windows, MacOS and Linux. On the other hand, AngularJS does not need to be installed. Moreover, you just need to add core library files of AngularJS in order to develop your first web application using AngularJS. AngularJS is compatible with all modern web and mobile browsers.



NodeJS is an event-driven architecture which is useful in creating real-time web applications like Chat apps. It also supports non-blocking input-output I/O and has built-in core modules. One of them is the HTTP module which is used to create web server in your NodeJS web application.

Moreover, there are many other frameworks built using NodeJS (express.js, meteor, geddyjs, mojito, sails.js, partial.js etc). These additional frameworks with a built-in set of features help you to write powerful, fast and scalable server-side web applications.


AngularJS allows you to create MVC pattern with two way data binding. Two way data binding means, changes in model are propagated to view and changes in view are reflected in model. It makes your client-side web application more powerful. AngularJS is more popular to create single page client-side web applications.

In conclusion, both are open sources and powerful to their own features. You can derive your web application requirement and choose the one accordingly. NodeJS is used to build real time server side web applications while AngularJS is more suitable for creating single page client side web applications.

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