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Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

PHP is one of the most famous server side programming languages used to develop web applications. With the use of proper PHP Frameworks, developer can create complex, secure and faster applications more efficiently. However, there are many frameworks available for PHP so one might get confused which one to choose for particular web application. Therefore, we come up with Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development according to their features and popularity.

Choosing perfect PHP framework before building your web application is crucial and most important aspect. Best PHP framework for your web application is must for quicker, safer, scalable and future proof development. Here is the list of the best PHP frameworks.

Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

1. Laravel

Looking for one of the Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development ? Laravel is your answer.

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework since 2014. It holds the first position from 2014 to till date. Laravel is free, open source and MVC based PHP framework designed for rapid web application development. It has many in built features like authentication, routing, sessions and caching. These make Laravel Development more powerful PHP framework amongst all other. It also supports PHP 7.

Moreover, it is well documented so any developer can easily learn and start creating powerful web application. It uses solid and fully tested components of Symfony framework. With composer, developer can manage all third party packages very easily. It supports all major databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and other.

Crest Infotech suggests Laravel Framework as first choice for Web Development. If you are looking to develop application using Laravel Framework, you can get in touch with us.

2. Phalcon

Phalcon is fastest framework amongst all Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development. It is built on C language but offered as PHP extension. None of other PHP framework can beat the Phalcon in the area of speed. However, developer do not need to learn C language. All the functionality are in built and PHP classes are ready to use. It saves processor time and speed up the overall performance.

It is also well documented and has built-in security feature. Despite of it being well documentation, developers are facing problems in Phalcon Development. Only reason is, lack of blogs and forums for issues and solutions. Since Google gives importance of speed in search ranking, Phalcon is becoming popular day by day. It holds the 2nd position in PHP frameworks.

3. Codeigniter

CodeIgniter is powerful PHP framework with small footprint. It is for the developers who needs a simple toolkit to create fully featured web applications. It is light weight and can be easily installed by just uploading files to your hosting account. No commands, No installations!

CodeIgniter is more powerful and popular because of well documentation, large community for help. It comes with many built-in library including unit testing, form validation, sessions, error handling and many other. It is one of the Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development.

Crest Infotech suggests CodeIgniter Framework for simple to complex Web Development. If you are looking to develop application using CodeIgniter Framework, feel free to get in touch with us.

4. Yii

YII is fast and secure PHP framework to create high performance web 2.0 applications. It is MVC based and have many built-in features like scaffolding, authentications, caching, role based access and many other. Therefore, it is one of the Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development available in the market.

YII is used to create simple to complex web application while it is more popular to develop social networking web applications. It helps to reduce development time significantly. We strongly recommend YII Development for your web application.

5. Symfony

Symfony is also a popular PHP framework to develop powerful, scalable and flexible web applications. It is a set of reusable PHP components which makes it more powerful and easy for developer. Also Symfony have very well documentation and vast community supports.

Most popular Open Source CMS, Drupal is based on Symfony. Also PHPBB, one of the most popular discussion board system (forum) is also written in Symfony. Moreover, it is also used by big name company, BBC and open source project, eZpublish.

Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

6. Slim

Slim is a micro framework designed to be very light and so it is called as Slim. It lets you to create simple but powerful web applications and APIs. Moreover, it is faster PHP framework just after Phalcon.

It has many built-in features like routing, template rending, secure cookies, AES-256 encryption, flash messages, error handling, caching and many others. These makes Slim Development more efficient and easy for developers.

Slim is easy to use and faster PHP framework so one can choose it for quicker web application. It is most popular to create light weight REST APIs.

Crest Infotech suggests Slim Framework to develop REST APIs and performance based web applications. If you are looking to develop application using Slim Framework, you can get in touch with us.

7. Cakephp

CakePHP is the best PHP framework for beginners and creating commercial web applications. Before the arrival of Laravel, CakePHP was one of the most popular PHP framework. It comes with scaffolding to speed up the CakePHP Development process.

It has many built-in packages which helps developers to create web application quickly and more efficiently. Compare to all other frameworks, CakePHP also have built in features like authentications, translations, caching, validations and many other. It has built-in tools for form tampering protection, SQL Injection prevention and XSS preventions. These makes your web applications more secured.

8. Zend

Zend framework is more suitable for high performance enterprise level applications. It has focused on enterprise level applications so it is built with security, performance and extensibility. In addition to that, it has many built-in components like authentications, feeds, forms and many others.

Despite of it’s great features, many developers feels that it is extremely complex and not easy for Zend Development. As we have developed many enterprise level applications for our clients, we have always loved to work with Zend Framework and we have a pool of experts for the same.

If you have any enterprise level application in mind and wants us to execute it using Zend Framework, please get in touch with us.

9. Fat Free

Fat Free is one more micro framework with a lot of built-in packages. Although it is not more popular compares to other PHP frameworks, it is very modular and easy to use for developers. It has many great features which makes developers’ life easier for Fat Free Development.

Fat Free is the best suite for light weight multilingual web applications. It supports all major SQL and NoSQL databases. It has built-in packages including unit testing, CSS compression, image processing and many more.

In conclusion, Crest advises you to pick the Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development as per your web application requirement. If you are still not clear which one to choose for your web application, please get in touch with us and we will help you to pick the most suited.


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