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FatFree Development

Internet is the easiest way to promote something in the 21st century. As it rapidly reaches out to the masses once it has been uploaded. But with the increasing business competitions, people with business strategies have taken over the majority of the servers, which has increased the demand for Web Application Frameworks, and FatFree Development is one of the frameworks from them.


Earlier, when there was no rigid structure to design web applications and web pages, developers used complex coding methods to give it a form, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. At Crest Infotech, we promote your growth and make sure that you get the best possible results.


Fatfree is an all-rounder kind of structure that is both light and strong. However, it depends on you as to what framework you want for your website. Some web application developers want a Completely solid structure, and some want a soft and light interface, but with fat-free, you get the best of both worlds.


We understand that times are changing fast, and keeping that in mind, our professionals focus on developing dynamic web applications so that you don’t go out of date. Fatfree Development boasts of a lean web interface that comprises some of the strongest performance enhancement tools. 60kb is what this framework requires to get the development procedure started.


Fully Object Oriented

Rapid Web Development

Extremely Extensible

Wide range of library classes

Scalable over a period of time

Security & Session Handling

Error Free and Tested Solution

Low Maintenance Costs

100% Money-Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We have the finest professionals that will make sure you understand the web application development procedure; So that in the future, you can handle any problematic situations with ease. Although, we are here for you 24×7; so, you don’t have to worry about taking care of things on your own.


Light and strong web presence.

High end yet easy to use toolkit for better web application handling.

Tough URL routing for better configuration.

Supportive SQL databases for a firm grip on the servers.

Optional plug-ins available for computer based software integrations.

Well organized structure for better navigation.

Thousands of added templates to suit your requirements.

Providing tutorials to our customers is just a complimentary service that we provide to make a better communication bridge. FatFree Development Services are very robust as there are no useless complications in the coding procedure which makes it even easier for people with no coding knowledge to handle the web application.


Our professionals take note of your needs and work according to those notes so that you can be fully satisfied. Productivity is common throughout all web application services, and this is why we make sure that you get a fully enhanced and productive web service that can help you stand firm in the industry with such a cut-throat competition.


For more information, you can also get in touch with our service executive that will guide you through about fat-free development and all other services that we provide so that you can make a decision accordingly.

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