Laravel 8 New Features:

June 08, 2021By Rakshit Patel

Laravel’s ingenious framework has long served as a source of inspiration for programmers. The features of this incredible platform have only improved over time, making it easier to create personalized applications. There’s no denying that Laravel 8 includes a slew of much-anticipated features. The platform has added some noticeable features that can prove to be extremely useful for Laravel users, building on an already innovative foundation.

Laravel Jetstream, migration squashing, models directory, model factory, time testing helpers, rate-limiting enhancements, and dynamic blade components are some of the new features in Laravel 8. Aside from these ground-breaking features, there have been a number of smaller modifications made.

A complete list of Laravel 8 features can be found here.

Let’s take a look at the most helpful new features in Laravel 8 that you should know about.

Laravel Jetstream:

Laravel Jetstream, one of the most exciting features, introduces new scaffolding options. It makes room for a hassle-free Laravel experience by incorporating TailwindCSS and TailwindUI. From login and registration to two-step authentication and session management, it does an excellent job as part of the new Laravel version.

  • artisan jetstream: install livewire
  • artisan jetstream: install inertia
Model Factories:

The model factories step in to expand Laravel’s otherwise limited capabilities. They act as simple class-based factories, bringing a wide range of new features to Laravel 8. This situation is a brand-new concept introduced in Laravel 8, as previous versions had no concept of class-based factories.

Rate Limiting:

This feature appears to have crept in as a last-minute addition, and it does make Laravel 8 a more user-friendly experience. The rate-restricting feature makes limiting the use of your routes a lot easier. The release of this feature has generated a lot of buzz, and we hope that developers can see Laravel at its best with these new features.

The All New Landing Page:

Another notable change in Laravel 8 is the addition of a brand-new landing page. When you use TailwindCSS, you can now use it on both light-mode and dark-mode displays. This redesigned landing page makes SaaS products and communities more affordable, which is one of the reasons for including it in the list of laravel 8 new features.

Route Caching:

The route caching feature also allows you to condense all of your routes into a PHP array. This collection makes it easier for you to access and work with various routes, which saves you time and makes the process more efficient. Closures are not an issue for this feature in the brand-new Laravel 8.

  • Route::get(‘/components’, function ( ) { return view(‘button’); });
Syntax for Event Listening:

Although this isn’t a new feature, it has certainly made it easier to avoid the hassles of previous Laravel versions’ long and complicated syntaxes. The syntax in Laravel 8 is much more user-friendly and tidy.

Maintenance Mode:

Maintenance mode is a developer’s dream because it allows you to fix bugs without taking the site offline. Using the maintenance mode, Laravel developers can now quickly make changes to a webpage/application using a secret cookie. Debugging and successful testing are now both possible in a short amount of time. This feature, according to developers, is critical for bringing new apps to the market.

Schema Dumping:

Schema Dumping helps to squash migrations by compiling them into a single file. This feature allows you to keep track of the entire schema in one location. This information is saved in SQL format. You can easily integrate developers on a large project using this simple feature. Support for Postgres, SQLite, and MySQL has also been added to the newest edition of Laravel.

  • artisan schema:dump –prune
Backoff Strategy:

Preparing for Laravel 8 has been a long process, and the Backoff Strategy is the final feature that we believe will make Laravel 8 an instant hit. You can now easily reduce the rate of your work to an optimal and reasonable rate by employing the exponential Backoff Strategy. So, when it comes to communicating with external APIs, the Backoff Strategy will certainly save the day.

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