How to Invest in 5G – The Definitive List of Stock

March 19, 2021By Rakshit Patel

5G stocks are one of the newer investment themes that some are jumping into, but many choose from. Most stocks of 5G are about more than just 5G, so it is important to look at what other themes they represent. The Internet of Things is also a gamble for certain 5G stocks, while others are network carriers exposed to the telecommunications market. Here is how to invest in 5G and the definitive stock list.

You’ll see a number of different approaches to selection if you look at any list of the top 5G stocks.

The trick to finding the best stocks in 5G goes beyond looking at which ones have 5G technology exposure.

Some stocks, like Apple, Verizon or T-Mobile, are evident. However, these stocks have far greater exposure to other aspects than 5G. In fact, since their exposure to other markets is much greater than their exposure to 5G technology, it could be argued that they are not really 5G stocks at all. In fact, instead of being a central part of their valuations, their 5G exposure is more incidental.

Thus, when picking out any 5G stocks to invest in, it’s best to dig deeper. Chip manufacturers and telecommunications infrastructure providers have several popular 5G-related themes to look at. You should remember these other themes when trying to select stocks, which is why the company is exposed to 5G technology.

Let’s take a look at some stocks of 5G that you might not even have thought of.


This could be a reverse game because Jim Cramer of CNBC called Micron the one chip maker everyone hates. In reality, he’s wrong about everyone hating Micron because it is actually loved by well-known hedge fund manager Monish Pabrai. Currently, his favourite tech stock could very well be Micron.

Pabrai hasn’t spoken about his Micron dissertation, so it’s unclear whether he likes it as a 5G game. However, how important 5G is to it is obvious from the company’s website, and the good news is that it’s not only a gamble on 5G, but also the Internet of Things.

There are two fields of Micron’s exposure to 5G technology: low-power DRAM usage and multi-chip packages tailored for particular applications. It takes a holistic approach to 5G, the company said, which makes it special. Micron specialises in computer memory, offering massive 5G technology exposure.

Micron not only produces low-power DRAM used in thousands of applications, but it also generates automotive-grade memory, which also gives the business exposure to the autonomous vehicle industry. This is a good bonus that makes it a well-rounded 5G stock for Micron.


Qualcomm, which is a modem for mobile devices, is another way to access 5G from the internal system components. The rising number of smartphones equipped with 5G technology benefits Qualcomm.

The company’s management said in their second-quarter earnings report that they expect 175 million to 225 million 5G smartphones to be delivered this year. With Qualcomm modems inside, a large number of those smartphones can ship.

One bad thing about Qualcomm is that its shares may be less upside-down than some of the other shares on this list. For Qualcomm stock, the median price target is $121, and the shares trade above $110.

However, if you look at Qualcomm on a long-term investment horizon, thanks to the long runway on 5G expansion, there is still plenty of time for its stock to rise.

Skyworks Solutions

You may want to look at Skyworks Solutions, which offers 5G chips for Apple’s iPhones and iPads, if you want Apple for its 5G-equipped iPhones. Around half of the company’s revenue comes from Apple, so the more Skyworks Solutions and its partners sell iPhones and iPads, the better they will do.

Another justification for liking Skyworks Solutions is that continuing trade disputes with China could profit from it. The U.S. has banned China’s 5G products, which means good things for Apple as it removes any competition from China.

Skyworks Solutions, via its Sky5 platform, which supports 5G network infrastructure and consumer equipment, is also an Internet of Things player.


Broadcom is another chipmaker which is widely referred to as a 5G stock. Broadcom doesn’t offer standalone cellular modems, unlike Qualcomm, but it produces several chips that play a part in 5G technology.

The firm won a deal to provide Nokia with 5G chips, but it is not its only customer. Apple has also acquired chips for Broadcom. Broadcom does not market its 5 G technologies as often as Qualcomm, Micron, and Skyworks Solutions do, however the transition to 5 G is obviously beneficial.

Broadcom will benefit from 5G for several years, because the company will have to upgrade its chips as the 5G specifications become more and more advanced, and its customers will have to purchase the newest chips to keep up with their competition.


Looking beyond internal components for 5G devices, we start to look at names like Nokia. Most consumers think of Nokia as a now virtually defunct handset maker, but the company doesn’t make its big money in handsets anymore. Nokia’s big business is in mobile infrastructure equipment.

In fact, the company said in a press release earlier this year that it had 63 commercial 5G contracts worldwide. It also says that it is the only network supplier whose 5G technology contracted by all four major mobile carriers in the U.S., all three of South Korea’s carriers, and three of Japan’s nationwide carriers.

Nokia also claimed that it is the only supplier with a “globally accessible end-to-end product portfolio” covering all elements of the 5G network, from radio, centre, cloud and transport to management, automation and security.

While Nokia stock looks very cheap than some of the other 5G stocks on this list, it is also interesting that the stock is beginning to break out in a fight. Bloomberg claimed this month that Nokia shares are being bought by the Finnish government to prove that it wants to protect the Finnish business while the US has also expressed an interest in taking control of it.


Ericsson said its core technologies serve 2.5 billion 2G to 5G users, which is one-third of the population of the planet. The company’s network features interoperability with six major manufacturers of chipsets, meaning it can be used by a wide range of 5G users. According to data from Strategy Analytics, it receives $5 per phone in royalties from mobile manufacturers due to the patents it owns.

One thing American Tower emphasises more than other businesses is its solutions inside buildings to have strong 5G connectivity. The company says that 80% of 5G data is consumed indoors, so providing strong 5G connectivity within buildings is critical. Building owners must also bear in mind that there are a number of different network providers for customers. Owners must also help each carrier within the group.

American Tower

This corporation is a Crown Castle rival, and its investors are still paying a dividend. The stock is also on the expensive side, and since the second half of May it has been range-bound, too. Also, because of its cell phone towers, it’s a real estate game, like Crown Castle. As real estate investment trusts, both firms are organised.

Crown Castle

Crown Castle, the largest telecom service provider in the U.S., is another network infrastructure provider that will benefit from the 5G upgrade. For mobile networks, the company offers cell towers and other facilities. The business offers fibre infrastructure and solutions that make it more than just a 5G game.


Qorvo, a U.S.-based chipmaker offering radio-frequency systems for wireless and mobile data connections, is one chipmaker that doesn’t get a lot of coverage. One of the company’s fascinating aspects is that it doesn’t solely make mobile device chips. It also offers chips to base station vendors, suggesting exposure to mobile devices and the infrastructure aspect of 5G.

Front end modules, digital step attenuators, discrete switches, driver amplifiers, gain block amplifiers, gaN HEMTs, high-frequency amplifiers, infrastructure power amplifier modules, low noise amplifiers, phase shifters, power amplifiers, RF filters, switch LNA modules and voltage controlled attenuators are among the infrastructure products offered by the company.

Qorvo’s mobile application products are based on radio frequency applications for 5G. After the demand for its 4G and 5G mobile products came in better than anticipated, the company recently improved its guidance. The business also has exposure through its wireless devices to the Internet of Things.

Qorvo shares soared after the chipmaker said it expects to see up to $1.03 billion in sales, up from their previous high-end forecast of $955 million. Stocks of other chipmakers have surged on Qorvo’s guidance news


Ciena, which offers equipment and software solutions, is another firm that is not discussed much in the 5G conversation. What makes this business distinct from all the others on this list is the tech link.

The 5G software solutions from Ciena are designed to minimise network complexity and accelerate the migration of network operators from 4G to 5G. “In radios, data centres, and “all in between,” the software is used. The company uses “intelligent automation, routing systems of the next generation, specialised technical services to enable the delivery of differentiated 5G services… and ultra-reliable Low-Latency Communications.”

As a consequence of the poor guidance of Ciena, Ciena’s peer Infinera also saw its stock dropping. During the fourth quarter, Ciena directed its revenue to decrease by 13 percent to 17 percent year on year. For the near future, the company is advising investors of “limited visibility.”

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