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How To Hire Outsourced Developers

February 28, 2018By Rakshit Patel

If you own Web Agency or Mobile Apps Development agency in US or UK, you might outsource your work to Indian companies or hire developers from India. Today i will share some knowledge about how to hire outsourced developers.


Outsourcing is a well-known concept and has been accepted and implemented by organizations across the globe. Often seen as a cost-saving tactic, outsourcing allows a business to focus on its core competencies while offloading its non-core functions to outsourcing providers in low-cost countries like India.

Outsourcing has found a majority of supporters though there have been critical voices against it as well. Their argument is that outsourcing will lead to the loss of local jobs and may affect the economies of nations that outsource. This has not taken away the sheen from outsourcing, which companies continue to employ as a strategic business tactic.


In-sourcing is a recent concept that has been advocated as an alternative to outsourcing. Supporters believe that it will lead to better management control and job creation at the local level. Also, In-sourcing is a solution to the problems of control and hidden costs with outsourcing.

In-sourcing seems to be more prevalent with manufacturing companies that hire labor and services from an external organization in order to cut costs and decrease their tax burden. Furthermore, In-sourcing can also mean an organization building a new business center or facility which would specialize in a particular service or product.

In-sourcing also seems to be popular among those companies who have been dissatisfied or even unsuccessful with outsourcing. It is also employed when temporary workers fill positions within an organization for a short duration.


Outsourcing is one of the most beneficial business decision across the globe for the past few decades. It has become popular due to lowered cost and high returns. Besides lower cost, outsourcing also offers skilled workforce and timely deliveries to businesses. It definitely results in increased efficiency and ROI.

Over the years Businesses based in the countries like US, UK, Australia are outsourcing their work to Asian countries like India & Philippines.

India by far has been the preferred destination. As there are different types of outsourcing, whether it’s Finance and Accounting, IT or ITES services.

India is the most preferred destination for outsourcing business on IT & Account of many reasons. India is renowned for its technical IT talent. It produces more English-speaking IT graduates every year than any other country in the world. Due to the lower cost of living in India, American companies are able to save hundreds of millions of dollars.



Money is at the core of all reasons for outsourcing. India has proven to be the most cost effective. Labor costs in countries such as US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Dubai are enormous as compared to India. Lower costs directly have an impact and increase the ROI.

Instead of hiring in house workforce, agencies prefer to outsource their business to Indian agencies which provide them dedicated workforce which would work exactly like in house resources will work for the agencies abroad. It offers not only flexibility, but also reduction in capital expenditure, infrastructure and maintenance costs by a considerable margin.


Seamless communication is another reason that these countries prefer India more than any other country. Effective communication is the most vital factor for better execution of plans and strategies. Indians are known to speak English better than their Chinese or Filipino counterparts.


Outsourcing business to India facilitates access to skilled resources with plenty of experience. With the highest number of skilled resources in sectors such as IT, BPO and Finance to name a few.

India also boasts upon the maximum experience in handling critical projects with utmost ease. Availability of skilled workforce at reasonable pricing is icing on the cake for the agencies based in US, UK, Australia, Canada and Dubai among others.


Indian agencies heavily focus on the deployment of the latest of technologies and infrastructure. Besides, training the workforce on the latest technologies is at the core of their strategy.

They conduct training programs on a regular basis to ensure their employees are at the top of their game all the time. This helps Indian firms cater to the demanding needs of overseas clients and execute critical projects in a seamless manner.


Ecommerce is one of the areas, India has gained measurable dominance in, in the past few years. Amazon, the pioneer of eCommerce choosing to setup a software development center in Indian cities such as Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai vouch for that.

E commerce companies have over the years focused on making themselves more competitive than ever by outsourcing their customer service. That’s the reason, they have turned to technology for maximum output. Integration of customer support and logistics vouch for that.


Outsourcing business is one the main sources of foreign income for India economy. And hence India’s outsourcing policies are flexible encouraging overseas agencies outsource their business to India in a hassle-free manner.

From $US 50 billion in 2010 to $ US 118 billion in 2016, India’s growth in outsourcing is immense. The statistics clearly suggest that while India’s policies are considered favorable for outsourcing, availability of skilled resources at lower costs, on the other hand, makes India the best choice for outsourcing.


Outsourcing increases productivity and customer support. Both of these factors are indispensable to efficiency and 100% customer satisfaction which also results in recurring business.

Round the clock customer support, in-spite of time zone differences and great command over English also helped India climb up the ladder in a short span of time outdoing all other countries.

Regardless of the numerous advantages and benefits of outsourcing, drawbacks of outsourcing additionally abound. Just like outsourcing might end up being good for businesses, the management of a company should weigh the benefits as well as the drawbacks of outsourcing before actually choosing the process.

Rakshit Patel

Author ImageI am the Founder of Crest Infotech With over 15 years’ experience in web design, web development, mobile apps development and content marketing. I ensure that we deliver quality website to you which is optimized to improve your business, sales and profits. We create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.


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Lumen Micro Framework

February 27, 2018By Rakshit Patel

Today i will talk about Lumen Micro Framework, why use Lumen Micro Framework, what are the benefits of using Lumen Micro Framework and much more. Lumen is a “micro-framework” built on top of Laravel’s components which is design to develop Micro Services.


The Origine: Lumen is an open-source PHP based micro-framework created by Taylor Otwell in 2015. Lumen is designed for building light-weight fast micro-services and APIs. And it opts for maximum speed rather than flexibility in the bootstrap process.

The PHP micro-framework was born out of the need to have light Laravel installations that could be faster than existing PHP micro-frameworks such as Slim Development and Silex.


Lumen is a play on the “Illuminate” components that Laravel utilizes. The Illuminate components are the individual pieces of the Laravel framework such as a database, cache, queue, etc. So, Lumen sounds nice as a name. It’s only two syllables, instead of three like Laravel. That may sound crazy, but I think about that kind of thing and the mental images that are conjured up when you say the word. Of course, it also continues the tradition of “light” based names.


Lumen is the perfect solution for building Laravel based micro-services and blazing fast APIs. In fact, it’s one of the fastest micro-frameworks available. It has never been easier to write stunningly fast services to support your Laravel applications.

Don’t sacrifice power for speed. Use the Laravel features you love like Eloquent, caching, queues, validation, routing, middleware, and the powerful lumen is a “micro-framework” built on top of Laravel’s components which is design to develop Micro Services.



  • Laravel has config: cache and route: cache while Lumen does not. So it makes sense to include this in the test using Redis.
  • Lumen should have facades and eloquent enabled
  • Laravel now has web routes with sessions and API stateless routes. So we need to include both in the tests when comparing against Lumen (which is only stateless).


No one can give a clear idea “You will understand it once you implement it or see it.” but as per me, Lumen utilizes the Illuminate components that power the Laravel framework. One amazing thing about the way Lumen was built is the fact that you can painlessly upgrade right into Laravel.

Rakshit Patel

Author ImageI am the Founder of Crest Infotech With over 15 years’ experience in web design, web development, mobile apps development and content marketing. I ensure that we deliver quality website to you which is optimized to improve your business, sales and profits. We create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.


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Face recognization through Machine learning

February 27, 2018By Rakshit Patel

Today I am going to discuss Face recognization through Machine learning. To give you overall idea in simple terms what can be done using Face recognization then here is simple words. In China, you can pay for coffee through the face recognization and also withdraw the cash from the ATMs.


iPhone’s facial recognization testing passes through the top level mask artist Hollywood though it only works with the owner’s face.


It’s simple!! high-level algorithms, Expensive Data scientist, and Machine language’s Wizards!! Also, one more thing; you need lots of money and time for its development.

After some reading and research, I want to put my thoughts in simple language. The human brain is the greatest gift of nature but the machine doesn’t exist brain so we have to teach them with lots of conditions, cases and users experience.

It’s learning from you every day your beard growth, hair growth, and your mood. But how!!!


Its hardware includes some high-level sensors for detection. After detection, the game of the algorithm will start. First detected results divided in results of the retina, face measurement, and its shape.

Now data scientists are ready with their ability to give the direction to its flow and also make an architecture of the required things. Now machine language wizards are ready to show their magic. Yeah, its magic!! They teach the machine how to play with this architecture and what to do in different cases.


NLP (Natural Learning Process) plays vital role in to teach the machine. I also want to talk something about the reinforcement learning which uses the external feedback to teach the system and provide capabilities to identify the factors. Furthermore, it algorithmic decision includes the phenomena like reinforcing accuracy and discouraging wrong decision.

Face recognization through machine learning and AI is the subject in which our tech leaders are doing improvement for make our social impact better. Though it is mostly used in just smartphones; but in future, we can see it in many hardware.

If you are Web Developer, iOS Developer or in Software Development field, you would love to read more about this.

Thanks to Quora and Google to help me and guide me to write down an article. If you have more thoughts about the same, kindly share it via comment.

Rakshit Patel

Author ImageI am the Founder of Crest Infotech With over 15 years’ experience in web design, web development, mobile apps development and content marketing. I ensure that we deliver quality website to you which is optimized to improve your business, sales and profits. We create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.


Makeover Web Development With an Artificial Intelligence

Makeover Web Development With an Artificial Intelligence

February 26, 2018By Rakshit Patel

The Web is an ever-changing world so Makeover Web Development With an Artificial Intelligence is a very important now a days. In this trending world end user expect smarter applications with self-learning capabilities and hyper-customized user experience. So this poses a major challenge for developers: How do they design websites that deliver new and personalized content every time?

Traditional approaches for developmental can be problematic. Building basic layouts and designing the website alone takes time. Moreover, Forget customization for dynamic content. Parallel testing is tedious task becomes for some time.


Automation the Web Development process, starting with the more structured, repetitive and clearly defined tasks, can help developers pay less attention to cumbersome details and focus on the more value-adding aspects of development such as formulating design strategy, planning the ultimate user experience and other such activities.

Artificial intelligence can help not just with this kind of intelligent automation, but also help do a lot more-form assisting with design conceptualization, website implementation to web analytics.


Let’s look at some ways in which AI is transforming web development.


Using an AI-powered chatbot or voice assistant, for instance, one can automate the process of collecting client requirements and end-user stories without human intervention.

In addition to this, is one such platform which empowers decision makers with insights they need to drive business outcomes within data-driven analytics.


Designing basic layout and templates of web pages is a tedious job for all developers. AI tools such as virtual assistants like The Grid’s Molly can help here by simplifying the design process.

Hence, The question entry form is the best form to extract knowledge from users. AI Assistants can create personalized content with the exact combination of branding, layout, design, and content required by that user.

Hence, Developers now need only to focus on training a machine to think.


AI programs can perform basic tasks like updating and adding records to a database, predict which bits of code are most likely to be used to solve a problem. The smarter the design and more comprehensive the training, the better the result these systems produce.



AI algorithms can help an application test itself, with little or no human input. Moreover, they can predict the key parameters of software testing processes based on historical data. They can also detect failure patterns and amplify failure prediction at a much higher efficiency than traditional QA Approaches.


In terms of creating fake reviews, it is well known as ‘Astroturf’ and it’s widespread across many sites and service. Furthermore, Astroturf is the practice of creating or disseminating a false or deceptive review that a reasonable customer would believe to be a trusted.


An important aspect of SEO is making your Website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand.

Market Brew is one such Artificial Intelligent SEO platform which uses AI to help developers react and plan the content for their websites in ways that search engines might perceive them.


Artificial Intelligence has found its way into everything imaginable. Within web development, this translates to automated to automated web design, intelligent application development, highly proficient recommendation engines and many more.

Rakshit Patel

Author ImageI am the Founder of Crest Infotech With over 15 years’ experience in web design, web development, mobile apps development and content marketing. I ensure that we deliver quality website to you which is optimized to improve your business, sales and profits. We create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.


Blockchain Future of Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain – Future of Cryptocurrencies

February 26, 2018By Rakshit Patel

People keep asking me What is Bitcoin? Since Bitcoin is just a type of cryptocurrency and since cryptocurrency is just a type of Blockchain – Future of Cryptocurrencies technology, let me first explain to you what is blockchain technology.


Consider a group of 100 people stuck on an island and no way to get out of this island. Now think of these people living happily in this island but with a problem. They don’t have a currency to exchange stuff. One solution is to decide a leader of this community and give him the power to create a currency. Thus leader can create currency. He can distribute and can regulate also. But in future, they may lose trust in him and they have to come up with another idea.

Now they came up with an innovative Idea which does not require any central authority. Something like not central but distributed. They created an infinite length of a piece of paper. Initially, they decided that each of us has 100Rs. So each of them wrote 100Rs against their name on that paper. Something like this.

Bhoomi : 100Rs – Time: 02/11/2017 : 10:15:12

Keyur : 100Rs – TIme: 02/11/2017 : 10:15:12

Ravi : 100Rs – Time: 02/11/2017 : 10:15:12

And so on up to 100, since there are 100 people on this island.

Now if Ravi wants to receive 20Rs from Bhoomi, he has to write that transaction on this list. Something like this:

Bhoomi to Ravi : 20Rs – Current Balance: 80Rs -Time: 02/11/2017:10:16:00 Ravi : 120Rs – Time: 02/11/2017:10:16:00

This way, now onward, if anyone makes a transaction then he has to put that transaction on that list. Thus, In future, bhumi can’t do a transaction of more than 80Rs and Ravi cant spends more than 120Rs until he or she does not receive extra money in future transactions from someone.

This idea seems good. No central authority. But there is a problem with this idea. How to maintain this list? People could be dishonest. Who stopped them from putting wrong transactions on that list.?



Satoshi Nakamoto – the developer of BITCOIN – came up with an innovative solution to this problem – the problem of maintaining this long, forever growing list of transactions. In the real world, the infinite length of a paper is not possible. In the age of fast computers and fast Internet and highly secure cryptography, we don’t need a paper also. Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper named Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System in which he suggested an algorithm.

Let me explain you the algorithm in easy words. I will try that anyone can understand it without any advance knowledge in mathematics or computer science. According to this algorithm, when one does a transaction, he has to broadcast it on internet. Now there are miners on internet who mines bitcoins. I said earlier in this article that initially everyone gets some money.

In cryptocurrency like bitcoin, coins go to miners. No one gets coins for free. To know more about mining click here. And here is the link of some of biggest miners. These miners listen this broadcasts coming from all the directions. Thousands of transactions every minute. They create a block of transactions that they listen. They give serial numbers to each block. Thus a chain of blocks which keep increasing with time.

As soon as a new block is created, they use their computation power on that block and try to find a number which is called hash number of that block. The more computing power you have, more the probability that you will find that hash number. One who finds this number first, algorithm rewards him few Bitcoins. Here is a good article on one of the biggest mining company in China.

Few years before this amount was 50 BITCOIN.Then 25 BITCOIN. Today this amount is 12.5 BITCOIN. After few years, it will be half of 12.5 bitcoin which is 6.25. Who decides this number? If you have basic knowledge of school-level mathematics then I would strongly suggest this video which explains beautifully the fundamentals of cryptocurrency in less than 30 minutes.

And this is how Cryptocurrency works ???? This way we can make the concept of currency decentralized. No central authority.


Look at below points:
  • Countries devalue their currency so than import goes low and export goes high.
  • Few months before, reserve bank of India demonetized 500Rs and 1000Rs notes.
  • Few days before there was a fraud of about Rs10,000Crore in PNB bank
  • If my friend from the US wants to send me 100 dollars here in India than a good chunk is lost in between and I get quite less than 100. And it takes few days in some cases.
  • If a criminal want to accept money for his criminal activity that he wants anonymity in transactions.

Cryptocurrency eliminates all of above. Thus It has pros as well as cons like all other technologies. People in the research community of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology think that invention of Blockchain is similar to the invention of electricity in the 18th century. It will bring a huge change in human society. Cryptocurrency is just one application of Blockchain Technology. Do you want to know what are other possible application??? Then have a look at this Ted Talk on youtube. It is less than 15 minutes long.

Rakshit Patel

Author ImageI am the Founder of Crest Infotech With over 15 years’ experience in web design, web development, mobile apps development and content marketing. I ensure that we deliver quality website to you which is optimized to improve your business, sales and profits. We create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.


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Top 10 PHP Tips for Developers

February 24, 2018By Rakshit Patel

Today I come up with Top 10 PHP Tips for Developers that you need to keep in mind. If you are Php Developer it will be much helpful read it carefully and implement all of it in your coding.


In the event that you are an accomplished PHP Developer, you may know few of them. Be that as it may, I emphatically counsel you to experience this one as it may help you for your better future.


OOP is simple, fast and easier to debug, uses less code, fewer server resources, faster loading and more logical to work with once you figure out the basic principles. OOP is a technique for programming with utilization of Objects or classes, which entwine things, expel requirement for reiteration of code and play out the essential assignments of creation. Objects are classes that collect a more than one of functions together and wrap them in a wrapper that can be used again and again without the need to modify usefulness or systems each time you have to accomplish something.

Procedural Programming always works with following a routine from the top to bottom of each page as the server reads every file on the server. With OOP, there could be maybe a couple objects being instantiated, which, thus, could instantiate a couple or a thousand different articles which could all play out specific assignments relying upon factors go into the items. Go OOP – It changes development style forever.


We know that include () simply gives us a warning if it fails while requiring () kills the script with a fatal error when it fails. What we keep in mind is that include_once() and require_once()is extremely hard on server resources. There is nothing we can do about it, it’s how PHP is set up.


The first thing you do when you start a new project is to turn error reporting to E_ALL. And you should turn it off ten seconds before going into production mode. That’s what I do with every project that I build. Nothing is better than running a project in into production mode.


Frameworks which help you do the tedious things can help, although you will have to learn how the frameworks function first in order to make things simple, that’s the only real trade-off. Plus there will be less chance of writing bad code when someone else has written most of it for you,


Ok, you want to count the number of keys in an array? You can loop through the array and simply increment a value for each iteration, right? Or on the other hand, you can simply utilize the implicit PHP work tally(), which does exactly what it ought to. There are many Built-in functions in PHP, check out the manual to make sure you are doing it in the best way possible.


The best way is to use mysql_real_escape_string() for every database before it is added to a database. A function I maintained makes all strings safe and secure in terms of quotes and other functions that harm your database or contain malicious code. One more thing you can do is to confirm all GET strings and POST, don’t use $_REQUEST, make sure all data submitted are the right type and value before adding it to a database query. Something else you can do is approve all POST and GET strings, never utilize $_REQUEST, and ensure all shape information submitted is of the correct kind and value before adding it to a database query.


Not every time it’s Possible. But if it really not mandatory, don’t use GET, use POST. Because – GET is simple to emulate, all I need to do is add something to my address bar and I can hack your project. GET is the simple and easy way for permalinks and Pagination but when using form submission especially, stay with POST, it’s safer.


A decent practice to get into is to wireframe your undertakings, regardless of whether you are simply writing a couple of notes on a bit of paper. It is vital to really give the mechanics of your application some idea before taking a seat to begin coding, on the grounds that during the time spent arranging it you will really resolve the challenges in your mind and maintain a strategic distance from the significant cerebral pain that accompanies the facepalm when you understand that all that you simply did is either wrong, not required, or simply senseless.


A craftsman can’t draw something that he has not seen previously. A vocalist can’t sing a melody that he has not heard previously. You can’t code a task that you don’t completely get it. If you do not understand exactly what it needs to do, and how it needs to it, you cannot build it.


On the off chance that I could make one thing through to anybody perusing this, this is it. You can’t turn into a decent designer by perusing. You can’t turn into a decent designer by watching somebody create. The unrivaled attempted and confided in strategy, is to really compose code. But – and here is the trick – build real things! Do not go and code something that you have no interest in, or will never use. Build what you like, and you will be energized and intrigued by it, and you will learn. At that point, make it great, expand upon it, and improve it.

We, at Crest Infotech, follow all of above very strictly and we always review the code before delivering the PHP Application to a client. If you want to Hire PHP Developer, get in touch with us now.

Rakshit Patel

Author ImageI am the Founder of Crest Infotech With over 15 years’ experience in web design, web development, mobile apps development and content marketing. I ensure that we deliver quality website to you which is optimized to improve your business, sales and profits. We create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.


evolution of machine learning

Evolution of Machine Learning

February 23, 2018By Rakshit Patel

We all know that how Machine Learning Applications like “Google Car”, “Cyber Fraud Detection“ or any others are directly or indirectly getting involved in our day to day life. Before talking about Evolution of Machine Learning, we all must know the aim of Machine Learning. Then we should know how to evolve it.

The aim is a very important factor in each field so first of all, we have to understand what is the actual aim of Machine Learning :

It mainly focuses on the development of a computer program that can access data and use it learn for themselves.


Machine Learning is a science that gives an ability to the Machine(i.e. Computer systems or Software Applications) to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed.

Basic premises of Machine Learning is Algorithms or we can count that it is strongly related to computational statistics and Mathematical Algorithms to predict result within an acceptable Range.

We are living in the world in which machine deliver recommendations to people to make a decision in a world of endless choices. with the help of machine learning, recruiters find best possible candidates for their positions. Machine Learning has revolutionized the ways in which businesses relate to its customers.

With the help of machine learning, people are finding exactly what they are looking for. Let’s Take an Example When you buy something online like Smartphone- and it will recommend that you also buy the “Smartphone cases” or the “Screen protector” this are the online websites recommendations. while viewing video’s on your Facebook feed, if you notice you can see the video’s recommendations related to your clicks and interests this is Machine Learning. Machine learning is the ability for computers to learn and act without being explicitly programmed.


Big Data and Cloud Storage play a vital role to evolve a Machine Learning and its importance. It obviously questions arises that how??


The volume of data is too large for comprehensive analysis and the range of potential correlations and relationship between disparate data sources from back-end customer DB to live web-based click streams are too great for the analyst to test all hypotheses and derive all value buries in data.

Traditional analytics tools are not well suited to for capturing accurate data from big data.

The machine learning platform is ideal for exploiting the opportunities hidden in Big Data. Unlike Tradition data Analytics the Machine Learning iterate the more data fed into a system the more it can learn and apply the result to higher quality insights.

Certainly, today we are closer than ever and we are moving towards that goal with increasing speed. Please contact us or comment below if you have more thoughts about the same topic.

Rakshit Patel

Author ImageI am the Founder of Crest Infotech With over 15 years’ experience in web design, web development, mobile apps development and content marketing. I ensure that we deliver quality website to you which is optimized to improve your business, sales and profits. We create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.


web development company vs freelancer

Web Development Company VS a Freelancer

February 23, 2018By Rakshit Patel

Many a time while making a choice between freelancer and Web Development companies lead you towards some of the certainties. Making the right decision in such areas are sort of troublesome. Today I will talk about Web Development Company VS a Freelancer.

How to get a good deal, is the company rates higher or is he the person to be trusted? These are just a few questions which would be racing in your mind during the choice.

If you are with something like this than the very first thing which you should do is go for the facts, the real one actually.


Firstly the web and mobile development companies and freelancers both have their own place. Where freelancers are like the sharpshooters who can quickly fix or build a simple straightforward website, but when it comes to bringing some concept into execution within a reasonable timeframe with a fully accounted budget you can find the development companies for that.



There are variants in freelancers. As a perfect back-end developer can’t be the perfect front-end. Adding you may need some creative UI/UX designer too. And let’s take if the freelancer is all around a Full-stack player than I’m sure the game which he would play individually would take time.

Variance can also be there in the web and mobile development companies but as it the place a group where everything is been managed in all proper team whether it is for front-end or back-end or the designing part. The game is played not individually but with a mixture of deep understanding and a proper methodology.

Maybe the web and mobile development companies may sound little expensive but technically the risk factor lower down sometimes even the cost too as ideally. “Ideally” because not all companies are same.

I hope now you would get a slight idea about both of them. Neither the freelancer nor the companies but the race should be in understanding your requirement as for how you want to see it on the ground.

Rakshit Patel

Author ImageI am the Founder of Crest Infotech With over 15 years’ experience in web design, web development, mobile apps development and content marketing. I ensure that we deliver quality website to you which is optimized to improve your business, sales and profits. We create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.