web development company vs freelancer

Web Development Company VS a Freelancer

February 23, 2018By Rakshit Patel

Many a time while making a choice between freelancer and Web Development companies lead you towards some of the certainties. Making the right decision in such areas are sort of troublesome. Today I will talk about Web Development Company VS a Freelancer.

How to get a good deal, is the company rates higher or is he the person to be trusted? These are just a few questions which would be racing in your mind during the choice.

If you are with something like this than the very first thing which you should do is go for the facts, the real one actually.


Firstly the web and mobile development companies and freelancers both have their own place. Where freelancers are like the sharpshooters who can quickly fix or build a simple straightforward website, but when it comes to bringing some concept into execution within a reasonable timeframe with a fully accounted budget you can find the development companies for that.



There are variants in freelancers. As a perfect back-end developer can’t be the perfect front-end. Adding you may need some creative UI/UX designer too. And let’s take if the freelancer is all around a Full-stack player than I’m sure the game which he would play individually would take time.

Variance can also be there in the web and mobile development companies but as it the place a group where everything is been managed in all proper team whether it is for front-end or back-end or the designing part. The game is played not individually but with a mixture of deep understanding and a proper methodology.

Maybe the web and mobile development companies may sound little expensive but technically the risk factor lower down sometimes even the cost too as ideally. “Ideally” because not all companies are same.

I hope now you would get a slight idea about both of them. Neither the freelancer nor the companies but the race should be in understanding your requirement as for how you want to see it on the ground.

Rakshit Patel

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