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Various Testing Tools And Their Importance

January 26, 2017By Rakshit Patel

Within the software industry, once a product reaches to the stable manual testing phase, every organization usually considers automated testing to save the costs involved in manual testing.

A variety of open source automation testing tools is available for almost all types of testing such as functional, Web, regression, performance etc. Because of the extent to which these open source tools have matured, it’s time to think about them and have them in your QA automation kit.


Selenium is probably the best option for automated testing of Websites today. Moreover, It is becoming increasingly popular and it is the first choice of automation testers as well as organizations for automating the testing of Web-based applications for both the GUI as well as the functionality.

Selenium is also a package of various test components that consists of different tools.However, Each one has a specific role in aiding the development of test automation for a Web application.

  • Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is used to record the test scenarios in terms of test cases in Firefox.In addition, the recorded tests can be exported to many programming languages so that we can place them in the testing framework.

  • Selenium RC

Selenium starts multiple browsers (one at a time) and then runs the recorded test cases that are saved in your language of choice. Moreover, this helps to enhance the test cases with looping and programming techniques to cover all the required test scenarios and checks.

  • Selenium Grid

It runs multiple instances of Selenium RC at once. Moreover, test cases are recorded and replayed in the form of HTML tables. Furthermore, this is just one more facility to execute the Selenium IDE as well as RC test cases. This helps to check the test results reports in a better manner if they are not formatted already.

  • Selenium web driver

Web Driver is a web automation framework that allows you to execute your tests against different browsers, not just Firefox (unlike Selenium IDE).



JMeter is an open source Java-based load and performance testing tool. Besides testing web applications and services, you can also load test other services such as LDAP, mail servers or databases.


Test link is one of the few open source test management tools. Furthermore, it can be hosted on your own server and can be used to manage your test cases and test runs and you can also install and host it on third-party cloud services.

However, There must be many other software testing tools available in the software testing industry.One needs to narrow down requirements and choose one accordingly.


WAPT is a load and stress testing tool that allows you to build, generate and monitor load tests via a graphical user interface. In addition to that, WAPT comes in two editions and doesn’t limit the number of virtual users you can use like most other commercial tools do.

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