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How to create web apps that are fast and SEO friendly using ReactJs

March 11, 2021By Rakshit Patel

The fact that SEO is the most vital digital marketing tool is known to everyone. Without using successful SEO practises, no start-up or enterprise will expand. SEO consists of many components and in order to understand SEO as a whole, one must understand the functioning of these components. Mastering SEO means your company gets more traffic, opportunities, and profit. In addition, SEO is also useful for building relationships, brand recognition, and establishing yourself in your respective field as a trustworthy and reliable expert

Importance of SEO

SEO is important because the search results of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are held equal. It removes or decreases the risk of search results being manipulated. Without SEO, manipulating the search results would be extremely simple.

In simple words, SEO is the way Google calculates the rank of sites entered into the search engine for the query. Websites must cater to their guests in order to achieve higher SEO ranks, along with meeting all other requirements.

Owing to SEO, still users trust the search engine. Whenever they find a website ranking at the top, they conclude that their entered question is a reliable source for the website. The rating is very significant as your site will gain more clicks and traffic.

The fact that it’s cost-effective is another thing which makes SEO so unique. For greater reach, many businesses spend a fortune on paid advertisements; however, not all businesses have that luxury as they are working on a very tight schedule. For certain industries, SEO is a boon. As it provides them with a cost-effective way of moving professional traffic without paying for it.

We’ve just seen the value of SEO; let’s look at its operating theory now. The search engine uses web crawlers to assess the ranking of the search results for every website.

A web crawler is nothing more than a bot whose task is to visit the web pages periodically and evaluate them according to the unique requirements set by the respective search engine. Each search engine has a crawler of its own. Google’s crawler name, for instance, is Googlebot. The Googlebot scans link-by-link pages to collect vital information on different factors, such as content uniqueness, website freshness, and the total number of backlinks. Not only this, but CSS and HTML files are also downloaded and then sent to Google servers.

How crawlers run SEO in single-page applications

Among tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many more, react-driven single page applications (SPAs) are becoming popular. This is mainly because React allows sensitive, fast, and animation-rich web applications to be created that can provide a smooth and rich user experience.

It’s just one face of a coin, though. There are minimal capabilities for SEO for the web applications that are built with React. This creates issues for web applications that only use SEO marketing to get most of their traffic and visitors.

But there is good news, as there are few ready-made reaction solutions that can help you resolve the SPA-related SEO challenges. But let’s understand what SPAs are, before we address that, and what are some useful ways to understand SEO challenges in React.

What is SPA and why you must use React?

A single page application is a web application that runs within the browser and needs no reloading of the page when it is in use. This is because its content is served on a single HTML tab, and this page is dynamically modified, but for every user interaction, it does not reload.

Examples of single-page applications include apps like Google Maps, Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive, Twitter, and GitHub. The key benefit of a well-configured SPA is that the user experience is (UX). That is because, without waiting for a page reload or some other matter, the user will experience the natural environment of an application.

Developers may use any of the popular Angular, React, and Vue JavaScript frameworks to create an SPA. React is the most common among the developers of these three frameworks. This was again demonstrated when React was listed as the most common JavaScript framework by the State of JavaScript Survey in 2019.

Thanks to its component-based architecture, React is the developer’s first choice when it comes to designing SPAs, which makes it easy to reuse the code and break the big application into smaller fragments.

Maintenance and debugging of large SPA projects is often much simpler than for large multi-page applications. Besides that, virtual DOM ensures that the productivity of the app is high. Not only this, but any modern browser that contains older versions is also supported by the React library.

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