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How Do You Evaluate the Performance of BI?

February 26, 2021By Rakshit Patel

Learn how the BI environment’s output can be handled to make more informed decisions based on real data.

Business intelligence, or BI, is used to measure how an organisation operates, allowing organisations the ability to make choices without relying on “good feelings” or “hunches.” BI software systems take clean data sets and analyse these data easily so that decisions can be taken effectively. Such programmes are a vital part of any organisation, but how do you decide whether the BI environment itself is successful?

Despite the fact that these environments can help speed up the decision-making process, organisations still rely on intuition and sometimes distrust the data provided by these platforms to make critical decisions. Although intuition can not be dismissed, it helps if these “gut feelings” are backed up by data and analysis. You need to run your company by the numbers, including your BI climate, channels, and applications.

Your main aim is to ensure that all of the relevant personnel have access to this information so that they can assist to the best of their abilities in the decision-making process. If your BI environment is not as productive as it could be, through the portal, less of your main employees can access the necessary information. The solution, then, is to find a way to assess your BI environments’ effectiveness. If you use a high-performing BI setting, how can you really know? It helps to consider the following data in order to determine efficiency:

  • If the reports and requests are generated by the end users of the platform or IT or not.
  • How long it takes the user to access the information that is important.
  • Whether or not all of the platform’s features are used, and if not, which ones are wasted?
  • Do there exist any trends concerning who uses BI? Evaluate all customers, agencies, or aspects that use this reporting in your business.
  • How long will the reports be read by any of your users? What do they do with them until they view the reports? Do they display them or upload them to Excel on the platform? If your environment is good, you’ll see proof that users do more than just display the data.
    In other words, what will force users to use the BI environment’s capabilities fully?

How long will the reports be read by any of your users? What are they doing with them until they view the reports? Are they viewing them or uploading them to Succeed on the platform? If your environment is good, you can see proof that users do more than just display the data.

  • Reports must be appropriate and assist in preparing the consumer to succeed.
  • The user should be able to access as easily as possible all relevant data relating to any problems that might arise.
  • To enable prompt resolution of any issues, data should be recovered quickly.
  • Data should be precise and clean.
  • Users must know how to use the BI platform entirely.
  • The other thing to concentrate on is to test the platform’s own usability:
  • The platform is overly technical or not, which may minimise usability.
  • How the environment is interactive and whether users can easily manipulate, display, and interpret the reports or not.
  • If users are assured that the information is protected or not.
  • How quick reports can be obtained by users. If it takes more than a couple of minutes, it’s way too long!
  • Will consumers, also on mobile devices, access data and reports whenever they need to?

It’s important to determine how powerful the platform is when it comes to business intelligence. It helps to take a step back to ensure that the BI environment does its job well, because your aim is to find one that is available, easy to use and effective. Note that, as part of their packages or as an add-on option, some BI vendors provide usage reporting. These reports can help to significantly speed up the assessment process of the BI platform.

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