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10 must know libraries for any iOS Swift Developer

January 18, 2017By Rakshit Patel

From the shocking launch of a new language to prominent similarities with other languages, it has been just 3 years and still, it looks like Swift has come a long way! Swift is getting popular each and every day. Any good iOS Swift developer hoping to start new iOS project would choose nothing but Swift language to begin with.


In order to save your time and make the transition easier and interesting, we have prepared a list of libraries that according to us every iOS Swift developer must know. If you are looking to hire iOS App Developer, get in touch with us.


Almost every application nowadays deals with web service calls. API integration is the base for almost every application in today’s era. Alamofire is an HTTP networking library built on top of NSURLSession and the Foundation URL loading system. Alamofire comes to the great rescue when one wants to abstract away and simplify networking in the application.


Well, the API integration part is done and one feels like that is it! Now only part left is to manage JSON and use the data from it. Is it that easy as it sounds? well, you’ll know! And then what saves us from handling explicit data types that cause bugs and crashes is SwiftyJSON. It really deals with JSON in a well readable way which handles options unwrapping automatically for us.


So, We made a successful call attempt to APIs and managed well to receive but what next?! Fetching data by mapping resource is another tedious job to handle. ObjectMapper helps us convert JSON into a model object and not just that but vice versa too! It supports nested object pretty well too.


And when you just thought your job is easier, one more challenge arises when you have to display all the fetched data into table views. Not really difficult but boring to very high extent as it is one of the most used element. In order to spice it up, Eureka helps you write them in a simple and elegant way. It consists of rows, sections, and forms. It really saves abundant time especially when your application contains a plethora of forms.


A behavior drove development framework not just for Swift but for Objective-C too which is inspired by RSpec, Spectra and Ginkgo. One of the major benefits of using Quick is that it comes with Nimble which is a matcher framework for tests.



Another latest approach to set UI for application is using Auto Layout. SnapKit is an Auto Layout library that simplifies coding for the same requiring nothing but just a minimal code that too without losing readability. It is type safe which comes at rescue in order to get rid of programming errors.


RxSwift is nothing but the swift version of Rx and serves the same goal as to enable easy composition of asynchronous operations and event/data streams. Consequently, RxSwift is a framework for functional reactive programming.


Spring is an animation library. Be it inside of storyboard’s runtime attribute or through code, Spring helps one both ways to set an animation to an object. It supports number of already written animations, transitions and properties.


The main motive of CoreStore is to provide type safe and elegant interaction with Core Data. It is a wrapper library that provides APIs for all common methods to effectively interact with database.


Kingfisher helps us download and cache images from the web. It does that all asynchronously. It caches downloaded images both in memory as well as disk in order to improve application experience to all new level.


What are your thoughts on the same, people? Do you know some library that deserves the place in this list? Please leave a comment and let us know.

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