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How Technology Helps in Business Today

March 15, 2018By Rakshit Patel

What is Technology? Technology Helps in Business for faster communication and for more efficient allocation of resources.Removes efforts with the help of scientific knowledge and development is “Technology”. – Machinery and Application developed from scientific knowledge.


Let’s Discuss How Technology Helps in Business Today ? These ideas will help you use technology in your small business. as it helps to do more with less and become more efficient and versatile. Technology in business made it possible to have a wider reach in the global market. Our world is surrounded with technology. Technology Helps in Business in different ways.therefore, any things that help you to connect with whose far from the distance. Machinery, Mass Communications, Software/Hardware, etc is technology.


History: the earliest age of information technology is The pre-mechanical age.It difined as the time between 3000B.C.and 1450A.D.long time ago, When humans first started communicating they would try to use language or in simple picture drawings known as petroglyphs which were usually carved in a rock.Early alphabets were developed such as the Phoenician alphabet.

Information technology has a relatively short history. “Sometime in the 1980s, the Industrial Age came to an end. It’s impossible to say when exactly. but the advent of the personal computer as its growing ubiquity heralded the end of the era and ushered in a new one–the Information Age.” Information technology has been around for a long long time. Basically, as long as people have been around, information technology has been around. because there were always ways of communicating through technology available at any time. There are 4 main ages that divide up the history of information technology. moreover, Only the latest age (electronic) and some of the electromechanical age really affects us today. but it is important to learn about how we got to the point we are at with technology today.


The premechanical age is the earliest age of information technology. It can be defined as the time between 3000B.C. and 1450A.D. We are talking about a long time ago. When humans first started communicating they would try to use language or simple picture drawings known as petroglyphs which were usually carved in the rock. Early alphabets were developed such as the Phoenician alphabet.


The mechanical age is when we first start to see connections between our current technology and its ancestors. We can define the mechanical age as the time between 1450 and 1840. A lot of new technologies are developed in this era as there is a large explosion in interest in this area. Technologies like the slide rule (the analog computer used for multiplying and dividing) were invented. Blaise Pascal invented the Pascaline which was a very popular mechanical computer.


Now we are finally getting close to some technologies that resemble our modern-day technology. The electromechanical age can be defined as the time between 1840 and 1940. The first large-scale automatic digital computer in the United States was the Mark 1 created by Harvard University around 1940. This computer was 8ft high, 50ft long, 2ft wide, and weighed 5 tons – HUGE. It was programmed using punch cards. How does your PC match up to this hunk of metal? It was from huge machines like this that people began to look at downsizing. all the parts to first make them usable by businesses and eventually in your own home.


The electronic age is what we currently live in. It can be defined as the time between 1940 and right now. The ENIAC was the first high-speed, digital computer capable of being reprogrammed to solve a full range of computing problems. This computer was designed to be used by the U.S. Army for artillery firing tables. This machine was even bigger than the Mark 1 taking up 680 square feet and weighing 30 tons – HUGE. moreover, It mainly used vacuum tubes to do its calculations.




How Technology help in Business Today? Generate Money/Funding this the first topic to discuss that will help to find out what are the benefits of Technologies to Increase business profit.Technology helps in business to understand its cash flow needs and preserve precious resources such as time and physical space. One can collect funding from social media, marketing, schemes, Crowdfunding. Collaborate with Google Adsense on your business website.


The software provides small business owners with alternatives. Using mainstream commercial applications in the day-to-day management of their businesses. Open-source software is attractive for many business owners because it typically requires no financial investment and frequently has the flexibility to fit perfectly with a business owner’s needs.One of the most popular open-source tools available is, an office software suite with word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more.


Bookkeeping applications come in many shapes and sizes. But depending on your individual needs, you may not need an extensive accounting suite to manage your books. In fact, a streamlined online invoicing service may be an appropriate alternative for your business. Which allows you to manage your billing process quicker and more proficiently.


Screen Sharing is creating a movie that shows specific activity on your computer screen with voice-over narration that you can share with others. Screencasts can be used for a number of purposes including tutorials, demonstrations, and lessons. There is quite a variety of screencasting tools available to small business owners with varying levels of complexity and functionality.Technology Helps in Business with different ways as there are different technology there are various ways.


Mobile apps work best when they’re used with other marketing and business tools, including other social media. An app is unlikely to be a marketing strategy in its own right – it’s more likely to be a component of a campaign or strategy.Remember that your app will require a marketing campaign to bring it to the attention of the marketplace. Thinking about how you can possibly grow your business? Mobile apps just might be the answer.


Again, technology solidifies the connection between small business owners and mobility. Having access to your primary computer and all of the data on it when you are out of your office — and being able to view or modify it from your iPod or Smartphone — can give you an edge when it comes to managing your business.Remote desktop access applications, such as GoToMyPC and LogMeIn, can keep you connected even when you’re not sitting at your desk.


Cloud-based technologies help businesses grow with technology by providing state of the art tools without the high cost usually associated with huge enterprise software programs. Web-based technologies allow multiple users to collaborate in a single document or provide unlimited data storage. Cloud technologies eliminate the need for IT departments and the solution providers perform backups, tuning, and upgrades as part of their offering. moreover, Small business owners can access their data from any location at any time. These tools are often free or pay as you go eliminating the need for long-term contracts.


Information security is a big issue every day. Hackers and thieves steal consumer information and company proprietary information daily, but technology can protect company information. If there is one key benefit to businesses which is digital security. Information technology can secure your business. Hackers can interrupt business operations, cost companies thousands of dollars, and cause businesses to fall under public scrutiny. but the Proper use of Technology can prevent your business loss.

Security goes well beyond firewalls and anti-virus software. Digitally linked security systems protect businesses from vandalism and theft. Not only do systems provide real-time alerts, but they also provide diversion tactics such as alarms. Some systems give business owners a way to speak directly to vandals from a remote location via phone, informing intruders that they are on camera and identified.


Networking has always played an important role in business. Information technology makes communication and sharing of ideas with colleagues around the world almost instantaneous. More recently social networking sites such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter allow businesses an unprecedented level of contact and communication with their customers. By harnessing this part of information and communication technology, companies can share information virally. This means as each customer or worker shares information about the company online. The number of people who are exposed to the information grows exponentially.

There are Lots of things About Technology helps in business which we can’t define in little, As every day is new, Technology is also inventing. So “if we want to live with time and technology are surrounded by us, it is better to walk with time and technology.”

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