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The reasons why Swift is better than Objective C

Swift is a general purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple for around 2 years back. The development of the language had begun in July 2010 only.

The launch of the language came out as a shock to many. However, with the passage of time, Apple released better versions one after another. The clients and developers also started converting their projects into the language as well as open libraries into swift. The level of acceptance by the community and rapid adoption by everyone over the periphery of time states nothing but the brighter future of Swift. And Brighter than Objective-C indeed!

Moreover, if you are at all hoping to be the part of the community or the industry for a long run and brighter future, Swift is to be adapted as the primary development language. The key features it involves let you code immersive, responsive and consumer-facing applications for the upcoming era.

Furthermore, Apple has been showing a keen interest in developing future iterations of language. It has also been noticed that compiler it consists is developed to go from the basic most application to the future operating system.

However, Nothing on record has been said by Apple, but all these prominent aspects of the language certainly state that Apple intends to expand the horizons of swift but Objective C. It would not be shocking if Apple stops supporting Objective-C in future iteration and make Swift as the only development language.

Furthermore, There are ways to convert Objective-C applications into Swift using bridging as well as many other conversion tools. However, they do not perform up to the mark and lack adequate results by the end.

In a nutshell, We at Crest Infotech encourage one to get already developed products converted into swift from scratch. If one is planning on to get a product developed then one must get it done in only and only Swift Language.

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