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ReactJS Vs AngularJS Vs VueJS

March 12, 2018By Rakshit Patel

JavaScript is a high level interpreted programming language. It’s one of those languages that never stop evolving. It has its own ecosystem libraries, frameworks, tools, package managers and new languages that compile down to JavaScript. I will talk about ReactJS Vs AngularJS Vs VueJS, so one can choose appropriate according to their requirement.


Front-end developers promote a variety of tools and as we know every developer has his own preference in terms of methods of working and using programming languages. That is why the responsible decision to choose what is best to justify his aim or accomplished mission.

Nowadays there are basically popular frameworks that are highly valued by most of the developers – React.JS.

At the end of 2016, the JavaScript willing to promote a new framework. Angular users were the very unsatisfied basic reason is it is good for Single Page Application (SPA) but with many interactive elements for many pages, it becomes slow as well third-party integration become a little bit complex.


The aim of React is to provide reliability, scalability, and simplicity.


A big difference between React and Angular is one way vs two-way binding. Angular’s two-way binding changes the model state when you update the UI element. React prefers one way: it updates the model first and then renders the UI elements. Angular’s method is cleaner in the code. React’s way results in better data overview because the data only flows in one direction which makes debugging easier and faster.

React handles only “view” layer, which means that the business logic is decoupled and can be implemented in any way. So it in simple term it keeps data in sync to virtual DOM without having to do anything.


VueJS was built with an intention to organize and simplify web development. Vue was introduced to be incrementally adaptable and it can function as a framework capable of powering one-page websites.

VueJS is a progressive lightweight JavaScript framework so developers can easily pick up it very easily due to its simplicity and clarity it is faster than React. It has owned special ability to handle higher frames rates is 10 frames per second as compared to 1 frame per second typical for reacting that makes its better choice compare to react for small application or apps involving animation.

But react is successful to win the heart of customers. React JS is over four times higher than VueJS showing that the interest in React has been growing much faster. React is the first library to pass Jquery in popularity in a decade.


Like VueJS it also utilizes virtual DOM which includes a set of libraries and algorithms that directly proportional to the improve front-end performance by avoiding work with heavy component DOM.

But the thing is what is actually the concept of virtual DOM and how it impacts on the speed of Application.


DOM is a programming interface for HTML or XML which provides a structured way to present a document. DOM represents documents in a logical manner (i.e., in a tree structure).

A solution for expensive DOM manipulations is pronouns as a Virtual DOM or V-DOM. Which is a lightweight representation of the real DOM? We can count that virtual DOM as React’s local and simplified copy of the HTML DOM.

To improve the efficiency of Application V-DOM operates on a special algorithm known as Diff Algorithm for making a comparison which takes few milliseconds compare to Real DOM.

Virtual DOM is about avoiding unnecessary changes to the DOM, which are expensive performance wise. Because changes to the DOM usually cause re-rendering of the page. The idea of re-rendering the entire DOM result is an easy to comprehended development model: instead of the developer keeping track of all DOM state changes.


This is where React comes in to play. React solves the drawback of many front-end libraries/frameworks in the community and provides an elegant way to create JavaScript-driven web applications.

Rakshit Patel

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