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5 Most important roles to define in your project team

March 13, 2021By Rakshit Patel

Effective ventures are typically the product of cautious preparation and a committed development team’s creativity & cooperation.

Without each of its main team members, ventures will never succeed, but typically, it is not always clear who those members are or what positions they perform.

Project manager

In the project, the project manager plays the most significant role and is responsible for its successful completion.

The role of the project manager is to certify that the project continues while achieving its targets within the defined time period and within the set budget.

Project managers also ensure that plenty of supports are provided for projects while maintaining ties with contributors and stakeholders at the same time.

Project manager duties:

  • Create a project plan
  • Manage deliverables in a timely manner
  • Hire qualified project staff
  • Lead and supervise the project team
  • Decide the methodology used on the project
  • Establish a project schedule and decide each phase
  • Allocate tasks to project team members
  • Provide daily updates to upper management

Team leader

A team leader is someone who provides his or her team members with input, instruction, and direction to ensure that all project objectives are accomplished. A successful team leader recognises the strengths, limitations, and motives of the members of his team. In addition to this, team leaders often perform different positions in an organisation.

By using all of the means available to them, their profession is to ensure the completion of the tasks.

A list of some important positions a team leader normally works on is below:

  • Creating a plan to achieve the goal of the team
  • Offering valuable training needed by team members
  • Speaking specific orders to members of the team
  • Listening for input from team members
  • Monitoring the commitment of team members to make sure that the preparation they are given is useful. They also see if there is a nfor extra preparation.
  • Managing the flow of everyday activities
  • Creating reports to notify the organisation about the success of the team
  • Distributing information to the relevant workers

Senior member

As a more seasoned and professional team member, a senior member is also considered.In order to deal with the major and more complicated project assignments, they are delegated and maybe more projects are assigned at once.

A senior member’s correct job description and duties can vary from business to business.There might also be extra responsibilities for a senior team member related to project management, project managers, and the organisation as a whole.

Their roles for projects include:

  • Being a point of escalation. On projects belonging to junior workers, senior team members may often serve as a main point of contact for stakeholders. This is generally achieved when increasing problems can not be solved on their own by the project manager.
  • Protect ventures that are failing. A senior member steps in to assist the junior members or takes over the project when a project gets too far off its track.
  • Responsibilities for a member of a senior project include:
  • Conducting and recruiting junior participants for interviews. The interview is taken by senior team members and they decide to recruit a new project member.
  • Supervising and preparation. In some industries, senior members of the project report directly to team leaders who further steer it.
  • Coaching and Mentoring. In coaching and mentoring new junior workers, senior project participants are most frequently involved.
  • As a role model, get up. People in this profession are supposed to play a role model for the team’s junior employees.
  • Supporting Big-Picture. The roles of senior project participants also revolve around assisting with programmer management and other PMO responsibilities.

Junior member

Within the specified time period, a junior team member is responsible for the completion of the project work.In order to achieve the aim of a given project, their job description includes collaboration with the other team professionals and technicians. They also follow the administrative requirements for project implementation.


A contributor to the project team is an individual or group participating in collaboration but not directly involved in the execution of tasks and the performance of project team duties.

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