Tinder Dating Clone App

We design and develop native dating applications like Tinder on Android and iOS platforms. We have React Native Development experts who can develop Tinder Dating Clone App in React Native which can be used in iOS and Android which is cost effective compare to native app as well.

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    Tinder Clone App

    Are you planning to launch your own Tinder Dating Clone App? Do you know, the market size for all dating apps is projected to cross 275 million users by 2023.

    At Crest Infotech, we have expert dating mobile app developers who have already developed 40 Tinder-like best dating apps. To have better ROI, we develop dating apps like Tinder with the latest technologies, skills, and experience.

    Do you want to consult our Tinder Dating Clone App experts? Discuss your ideas with experts and share your expectations from your dating app development.


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    Tinder Dating Clone App That We Have Developed

    Location-Based Dating App

    This is a location based dating app available for people in Ghana, Africa. Location-based dating app is an ideal way to bring people together. It has seamless features such as super like, and connect mutually via photos.

    Users can set filters such as location, age and gender to ensure that they are matched with the type of people they are looking for.

    Swipe to Match
    This Tinder-like dating app allows users to swipe profiles to like or dislike them.

    Photo Uploads
    Users can upload photos and connect with others by viewing their photos.

    Connect Via Photos
    Users can start chatting only after both of them like each other’s photos.

    In-App Purchases
    Users can purchase likes, super likes, messages or opt for monthly and yearly plans.

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    Private Social Networking App

    Goal of this app is to create something that can help people maintain their privacy and connect to their close family and friends. This app is a social networking platform that allows users to add up to 20 close friends and family.

    Users can then share images, video, audio or notes with only close people. Users can also post publicly and make journal entries about their experiences or routine.

    Year in review
    Users can view memories from the last year, add music to it, edit the video to make it more memorable.

    Bucket list
    Users can make a bucket list and then cross out the answer after they get whale they wanted.

    Backup to cloud
    While using the app, all their data is being saved on the cloud, so users don’t have to worry about it.

    tinder app social networking

    Dating App Features We Have Developed

    Why is Tinder so popular? Because, it offers exactly what users want. With trending and unique features, your dating app can become popular and widespread amongst the youngsters too.We have worked on and developed around 40 brilliant dating apps worldwide. Following are some of the basic features that we have integrated into Tinder-like dating apps for our clients.

    tindder app social login

    Social login

    Social login is must feature to almost every app available over app store and play store. We can integrate social login feature with various popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. This feature will gain more trust from users on your app.

    tinder app filtered matches

    Filtered matches

    To engage users more, this feature is more important. Instead of showing random profiles, we can develop a feature that allows users to filter their matches on the basis of location, age, gender, city, and other factors as per your choice.

    tinder app text video call

    Texting/video calls

    For any dating apps, video call feature is most important. People prefer to communicate over chat or calls before meeting in person. For this, we can add the feature of text chats or voice and video calls to your Tinder dating app.

    tinder app gifts

    Virtual gifts

    You can add a unique feature to your app that helps users earn virtual money on your online dating app. How they will earn that money will be decided by you and can be modified. Using this virtual money, users can send virtual gifts to each other and thereby increase engagement.

    tinder app admin panel

    Admin panel

    As an admin, you will be able to manage almost everything from admin panel like review user activity, review reports, ban users from platforms, membership for premium features, access to all the analytics and other data.

    tinder app lock

    Lock premium features

    To generate revenue from app, you can add extra features that allow the users to rewind, undo and swipe unlimited profiles in one day. For free users, these features won’t be available or be limited. Only membership users can have this feature.

    tinder app photo upload

    Advanced photo upload

    Just like Instagram filters for photo, we can integrate the option to edit images when they are uploading them on the platform. A user could choose from a variety of stickers, filters and other options. This unique feature will make your dating app platform more interactive and fun.

    tinder app safety

    Safety features

    Many people make fake profiles on dating apps and for that, we will be providing the option to report users. But sometimes, that’s not enough. So additional features to ensure safety could include undo option and allowing women to send the first message after a match.

    tinder app payment gateway

    Payment gateway integration

    For revenue generation, you can add membership feature for certain premium features. For that, you need a reliable payment gateway. Users can also make payments with it for other in-app purchases like stickers, filters or for using special features for a limited time/number.

    Do you have any other features that you want us to add when we build a Tinder-like app for you? Talk to our experts and they’ll help you out.

    Our Tinder-like Dating App Development Process

    We have fine-tuned our dating app development process with experience. Our expert dating app developers follow the mentioned app development process to ensure that your dating app turns into sure shot success.

    tinder application discussion

    1. Project Requirement Discussion

    In this step, we will talk to you to know basic details about your dating app idea and to give answers to your questions as well. It will help us understand what exactly you want and decide on the feasibility of the project.

    strategic development

    2. Business Insight and Estimation

    In the second step of dating app development process, we have a kick-off meeting to decide the team members and provide suggestions for your app. QA starts with test cases creation, so we can give you a proper cost estimation.

    tinder application signing

    3. Signing NDA

    After test case creation and cost estimation, to proceed ahead for your dating app development, we will be signing a nondisclosure agreement with you. This will help you protect your idea and all the confidential information.

    mobile app

    4. Wireframing of the App

    Once we understand all the project requirements, our business analyst team will analyze your dating app idea and create a wireframe of the required features. For this, we use tools like Balsamiq and AdobeXD.


    5. UI/UX Design

    We send a design requirements document for you to fill out. Based on that, our UI/UX designers understand your taste and work with the same to create 2 sample choices for your dating app development.

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    6. App Development

    Once the theme is finalized as per your requirements, our developers start off their work. In this step, we will be working with you to develop the app that you want. We will keep sending you new builds of the app, so you stay updated on the progress.


    7. Q/A Testing

    It is inevitable to conduct QA tests to ensure that there are no bugs or errors in the app. The QA team sends a release note with every build release, we do black-box testing and then finally send the app to you for final User Acceptance Testing (UTA).


    8. App Launch

    Once the app is 100% bug-free and we get your final approval, our team will then assist you for sending your dating for approval to the App Store and Play Store. We will only need the developer account credentials from you for this.

    Tinder App Development Ideas for Different Industries

    Do you have an idea for an app that is a Tinder-like but not for the dating industry? We can help you with that as well! Here are some of the most popular ideas for Tinder-like app development in different industries.


    Tinder for Jobs

    Users can swipe left or right to apply for a job application and employers can do the same for candidates’ profiles. When the candidate and employer get a match, they can schedule an interview in person or via video call feature in the app itself.

    shopping cart

    Tinder for Shopping

    By swiping, users can dislike a product or add to the cart easily. The app will suggest products based on users’ past shopping history and other algorithms to show the most relevant items to the users. It’ll make shopping easier for many people.

    event 1

    Tinder for Events and Parties

    Users can list their events or parties and others can accept or reject the invitations. The app will also send a notification to remind people about an upcoming party or event in the near future. It will also categorize events as per categories based on the user’s interests.


    Tinder for Networking

    Building new connections and helping other people out can become extremely easy and simple with this app. People can accept or reject requests for networking, choose to see which networking events are upcoming and attend or not attend them with this app.


    Tinder for Group Hangouts

    Instead of dating, Tinder-like apps can also be used to make new friends! Users can input their interests, join groups and get matches on the basis of their interests. People can arrange a meeting and hangout, talking about their favorite movies or bands.


    Tinder for Elderly People

    It gets a little lonely as people grow older. For this reason, Tinder for elderly people helps people connect with each other. They can decide to meet, make new friends and share about their day with each other. It will make them feel better and give them something to pass time.

    How We Implement And Launch Your Future Tinder Clone App?


    Requirement Gathering

    The business consultant and technical lead discuss with the client to know business needs.

    mobile app

    Custom app development

    The app is tailor-made with a creative twist to make the app’s look-and-feel stay sync with your brand.

    cloud servers

    Server setup and backup

    For data ownership and security reasons, we prefer setting up the solution server in-house.

    secure shield icon

    Security compliance check

    A security audit is performed to ensure the app meets the food delivery industry standards and other regulations.


    App store launch

    The developers help in listing the Android and iOS apps on the respective play store and Apple store.

    maintenance support

    Support and maintenance

    The technical team dedicatedly offers support and maintenance services 24/7 when required.

    Technology Stack Behind Tinder Clone App

    We recommend React Native Development for Mobile apps while Laravel Development or NodeJS Development for Admin Panel and Web Services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What steps do you take for ensuring the security of my idea?

    We take data security and privacy very seriously. We will sign a nondisclosure agreement with you so that you’ll have a guarantee of a legal agreement that ensures the safety of your data. We take various measures to ensure security such as providing information to employees only on a need-to-know basis, restricting data with passwords and other encryption technology, and physical security reinforcements at our workplace among others.

    Do you have a white label dating application or will you develop it from scratch?

    We do not have a white label dating application like Tinder and we don’t even provide a Tinder clone or Tinder script source. We will be developing your mobile dating app based on your requirements from scratch to ensure the best quality, error-free app development.

    Who will have the ownership of the end product?

    We are only providing our services for your Tinder-like mobile application development. We will play no part in the ownership of the app and hence, you will be the owner of your Tinder-like dating app. We are just service providers and we will take no part and play no role in the ownership or copyrights of the code or the app itself.

    Which social media platforms can you integrate when you add the sign-in option via social media sign up/in?

    We can integrate whichever social media platforms you want to add to your app for social media sign up. We have previously added Facebook, Twitter, Google and several other social media platforms to apps developed by us.

    How will you ensure that users will get matches based on location?

    The Tinder-like dating app that we develop for you will be using the users’ GPS from their devices. From the GPS, we can get their real-time location and then narrow down the matches using geofencing. It will work smoothly and without any glitches.

    Will I get analytics for my Tinder-like app?

    Yes, we will integrate a feature that will allow you to view the analytics of your Tinder-like app in real-time. You will be able to check how many people are online at the time of viewing, how much time people usually spend on your app, the country where your users are from and many other details. This information will be visible to you as charts and also numerically in the admin panel so that it is easy for you to understand and track the progress of your app.

    Is the submission for the App Store and Play Store included in the development process?

    Yes, we will be submitting your mobile app to the App Store and/or Play Store for review and approval process. It is a part of our Tinder-like dating app development process and we take care of it so that you won’t have any hassles if you aren’t familiar with the process.

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