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X-Cart Development provides a scalable and feature-rich e-commerce solution for businesses of all sizes.

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    X-Cart is a powerful PHP based tool with an open-source code. It plays a big part in enhancing the look and feel of a custom shopping cart. Being one of the leading open-source tools, X-cart has been running thousands of online shopping websites around the globe. Furthermore, it’s flexible and packs a rich set of features to provide a perfect shopping experience to the buyers.

    At Crest Infotech, we provide tailor-made development services to our clients all over the globe. Our service area includes several elements ranging from X-Cart module development, design integration, template creation, and much more. Moreover, our skilled and experienced PHP developers have been working in this field for years.

    In addition to that, they understand diverse customer needs and develop a perfect eCommerce store to cater to the target audience. Our business solutions match perfectly for businesses. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large-sized business, X-Cart Development from Crest Infotech would play a big role in creating a highly functional and effective online store.

    Our team has full knowledge of X-cart, and its features are related to shopping, social integration, shipping, taxation, and payment mechanism. By utilizing our skills and expertise, we can provide customized solutions just as per your needs. X-cart development can make managing an eCommerce store easier than ever. From website interface to payment gateways, we’ll take care of all essential elements while developing a store for your users.


    • X-Cart Development offers a customizable and flexible platform for creating an online store that caters to specific business needs.
    • X-Cart is SEO-friendly and ensures a high level of security for transactions.
    • It supports multiple currencies, languages, and payment gateways for global reach.
    • X-Cart Development provides various marketing tools such as coupons, discounts, and newsletters to attract and retain customers.
    • X-Cart has a responsive design, making it accessible on different devices and browsers.
    • X-Cart Development provides easy integration with third-party services like shipping and accounting software.
    • X-Cart has a user-friendly interface for managing products, orders, and customer data.
    • It supports both digital and physical products, along with the ability to create product variants and options.
    • X-Cart Development offers reliable technical support and regular updates to ensure smooth operations.
    • It provides various customization options, including themes and extensions, to enhance the online store’s functionality and appearance.

    Every X-Cart Development project at Crest Infotech goes through all these stages.



    Soon after receiving a request, our sales representatives get in touch to clarify different aspects of the project. In this stage, representatives assist their clients in making an exact list of requirements that are necessary to create their personalized eCommerce store.



    In the next stage, our trained, experienced and reliable developers start working on the project. To deliver the best results, we work on our test server. It works perfectly and helps a lot in demonstrating the exact look and feel of the website.

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    After receiving the client’s approval for the demo store, we install modifications to a live store with new features and upgrades. After successful testing and analysis, we inform our customers to check the store and wait for their approval or further comments.


    After installing a live store, we take care of all minor and major bugs revealed from time to time. No matter what is the issue, our customer support team is available 24 X 7 to provide the best service experience.


    • Rich set of resources – At Crest Infotech, our resources and in-depth knowledge of X-Cart can play a big part in creating a perfectly customized and functional store as per your requirements.
    • Experience of several years – Our professionals have been working in this field for a long time. They understand the best possible techniques to implement various X-Cart services with full proficiency.
    • Customer-friendly policies – We have designed customer-friendly policies for seamless transactions.
    • Ideal packages for different budgets – At Crest Infotech, we offer ideal X-Cart Development and packages for all budgets. From reasonable to high-end services, you can get everything from us.
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