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Facebook Store Development

Crest Infotech offers a broad range of eCommerce solutions for your business. There are lots of benefits to owning a customized Facebook Store planned just for your brand. We allow you to build an effortlessly searchable Store for your Facebook customers.


The design essentials of this application are truly top-notched. We are incredibly flexible in that it helps the store owner to choose the template which best showcases their products. Facebook Store is growing as an online course for business to sell products and services efficiently. It has over passed the gap between the purchaser and supplier by bringing them collectively on a passionately accepted social platform.


It can heighten any business to the top of success within a little amount of time. At Facebook Store, preconfigured Social Share buttons facilitate users to swiftly showcase and share a particular product. Additionally, if you have quite a lot of products, adding a category to them will help categorize the products on your store.


It is an exceptional way to develop your business, in view of the fact that Facebook makes it trouble-free for you to target users with particular interests, and it also makes viral marketing of your content a lot simpler than anywhere else.


Rapid Web Development

Fully Responsive

W3C Validation

Extremely Extensible

Scalable over a period of time

Security & Session handling

Error Free and Tested Solution

Low maintenance costs

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Manage catalogue digitally

Easily manage your stock in the backend

Manage orders with no trouble

Allow fans and followers to endorse your product

Reward Point (Star Fan App) leads to huge sales

Let fans to share their view on your products and brands

Secured online payment and back-end data access

Integration with other social sites such as Google plus, pin interest, twitter, etc.


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Facebook Store helps you

Facebook Store helps you to increase the reach of your online stockpile exponentially by engaging with Facebook’s great user base. Easy to establish and very simple to maintain, it adds eCommerce potential to your Facebook page in a matter of minutes.

Our exclusive designs

Our exclusive designs will persuade your fans to share your products with their connections which result in more traffic and sale. We assist businesses to incorporate their business with Facebook and there is no difficult, lengthy or costly procedure.

With Crest Infotech you

With Crest Infotech you don’t have to pay off your pockets involuntarily. Crest Infotech provides you with the tools to manage your inventory and a well-made store front. We have flexible tactics which will go well with your requirements. Get in touch with us today to make out how you can set up your own greatly powerful Facebook store and begin selling your products on Facebook with an excellent rate of conversions.


Safe and trusted eCommerce platform

Strong customer base

Highly developed marketing opportunities

Ultimate Facebook support

Improved consumer interaction

Better brand engagement

Enhances brands accountability

Showcase your products

You can integrate as many features to your store as you want

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