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The Shared, Secured, And Stable Mobility Services For Corporate Employees

The enterprises can enable easy commute, reduce the commute cost, and improve the commute experience by providing a corporate carpooling solution to the employees that makes the commute hassle-free. React Native Development is best choice to go with.

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Employees :

The single solution resolves all the daily commute challenges right on the mobile in their hands.

  • Native apps : Book the rides on Apple or Android handset whichever you have with iOS and Android apps.
  • Seamless onboarding : Easy onboarding with official email ID.
  • Co-travelers profiles : Access information about co-travelers for convenient traveling.
  • Booking management : Manage the bookings by scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling them.
  • Notifications : Send alerts through SMS, email, or in-app notifications to let the employees stay up-to-date with trips.
  • Real-time tracking : Enable vehicle searching with GPS technology.
  • Mark it as a favorite : Star the trips with the same pick-up and drop-off location, when frequently used.
  • History : View and access all the previous, current, and future rides along with the statu
  • Robust security : Use the emergency button, in case of any emergencies.

Admin :

Seamlessly manage the corporate rides, database of employees, drivers, and vehicles, and payment details from the backend. Laravel Development or NodeJS Development is best choice for Web Services and Admin Panel.

  • Secured access : Manage everything with secure login from the admin panel.
  • Centralized management : Track vehicles, drivers, employees, and other operations on a single dashboard.
  • Bus management : Operational zones can be set up and managed to get bookings on those routes.
  • Profile management : Manage drivers and employees record, in addition to the reviews & ratings, and rides history.
  • Employee management : The database of all the registered employees and the feedback is maintained to provide the services and offers accordingly.
  • Ride management : Manage the history of all the rides along with the rider’s name.
  • Driver’s authentication : With a two-factor authentication process, the drivers can securely log in to the app.
  • Settings : The drivers and employees can manage the account and profile based on the riding needs.
  • Reporting and analytics : It unearths the great insights that help in making the right decision for ridesharing service.
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The On-Demand Corporate Carpooling Solution Offers

The white-label solution features expense sharing, social integrations, dynamic discovery, secured interface, user control, safe journey, and in-app chat for corporate employees, communities, and start-ups.

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How Corporate Carpooling Software Meet
The Needs Of Both Stakeholders?

For Corporate Business:

  • Boost Engagement : Engage the employees with cohesive community creation.
  • High productivity : Enhance the employee’s productivity with a comfortable transportation solution.
  • Save time : The advanced ride-matching algorithms ensure the employees get the ride in a couple of seconds thereby saving a lot of time.
  • Cost-effective : Save huge bucks on parking and cab facilities.
  • Social responsibility : Reduce the carbon footprint and environmental performance.
  • Foster punctuality : The availability of rides helps employees to reach the office on-time.
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For Employees:

  • Dollars-savvy : Save a lot of money with diminished fuel expenses and vehicle maintenance.
  • Socialize : Allow the employees to connect with the employees and develop social bonding while traveling.
  • Ensure safety : The profile verification is compulsory during registration, which means only colleagues will be involved in ridesharing.
  • Time utilization : The carpooling software allows employees to take their attention off the road and can read the news, or browse on the internet with peace of mind.
  • Customer support : The employees can connect with helpdesk, in case of any query.
  • Feedback : The employees can provide feedback in regards to ride, vehicle, and other services to improve the app and make it perform flawlessly.

Corporate Carpooling Clone App

An Eco-friendly solution

Reduce pollution and carbon footprint due to less fuel consumption during ridesharing.


Diminish traffic congestion

With carpooling, comparatively fewer numbers of cars will be moving on the road, thus traffic volume will automatically get reduced.


Save bundles

With the ridesharing concept, fewer parking spaces will be required, which means reduced parking charges, and the maintenance cost associated with it.


Delight the workforce

By relieving the commute stress, the employees can work with higher efficiency.

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How Do We Add Value To Your Business With
Corporate Carpooling Software?

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End-to-end support

With onboarding support, we ensure seamless deployment and launch of corporate carpooling software for you.

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Full customization

Personalize the software to reflect your brand’s true style and the features and services you want to provide.

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A net of safety

The employees can access the system using the official credentials that ensure a safe and secure journey.

Custom Corporate Carpooling App Development
That Works For Your Brand

One solution gets seamlessly fit with different corporate businesses and the work environments through the breadth of customization options. Tailor the app to meet your business needs with the following add-ons.


The off-the-shelf solution allows you to mobilize the car wash booking system in a week with reduced time and dollars.

Facilitate customization

Get the app rebranded under your car wash business name with a list of tailored features and UI for customers, and car washers.

Hassle-free Integrations

Choose the preferred push notification API, payment gateways, analytics, and others, which our team will implement as you select.

Brilliant UI/UX

The UI/UX designers thoughtfully craft the car wash booking apps wearing the customer’s lens that delivers amazing experiences.


The app can scale up the support for the number of customers, and other services as the car washing business expand.

Complete support

The team provides technical support from the inception of the project to the time it launches and stays alive.

How We Implement And Launch Your Future
Corporate Carpooling Solution App?

Requirement gathering

Requirement Gathering

The business consultant and technical lead discuss with the client to know business needs.

Custom App

Custom app development

The app is tailor-made with a creative twist to make the app’s look-and-feel stay sync with your brand.

Server Setup and backup

Server setup and backup

For data ownership and security reasons, we prefer setting up the solution server in-house.

Security compliance check

Security compliance check

A security audit is performed to ensure the app meets the food delivery industry standards and other regulations.

App Store Launch

App store launch

The developers help in listing the Android and iOS apps on the respective play store and Apple store.

Support and Maintanance

Support and maintenance

The technical team dedicatedly offers support and maintenance services 24/7 when required.

The Technology Stack Behind Corporate
Carpooling App Solution

We recommend React Native Development for Mobile apps while Laravel Development or NodeJS Development for Admin Panel and Web Services.

Programming Language

Technology Java



Technology Shift 4

Swift 4


Technology Kotlin


React Native

Technology React


Mobile App Design

Design Tool Illustrator


Screen Designing Tool

Design Tool Photoshop


Wireframe Design Tool

Design Tool Balsamiq

Balsamiq 3.5.15

HTML – CSS Conversion Tool

Design Tool Dreamviewer

Dreamweaver 18.0 (2018)

Web Development Language

Technology PHP



Database MySQL


Hosting Server

Server Ubuntu

Ubuntu 16.04

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