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Full-fledged On-Demand BubbleWash Laundry Clone App

The on-demand BubbleWash Laundry Clone App allows you to mobilize the laundry business to serve the customers better, grow the business beyond boundaries, and stay profitable in the fierce competition.

If you are also looking to hire best mobile app developers to create native Android and iOS BubbleWash Laundry Clone App, we have an experienced mobile app developers team to customize and develop BubbleWash Laundry Clone App. We reinvent internet-based laundry dry cleaner apps for iOS and Android platform with use of advanced tools and technologies.

Our team follows agile app development process to build top BubbleWash Laundry Clone App, allowing users best user experience to book laundry and dry cleaning services with just a few simple taps on the screen.

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On-Demand Laundry Application Business Model

Laundry shops

The laundry shops can expand the business and extend the user’s outreach going digital way through laundry apps.

Commercial laundry and dry cleaning network

The order management and deliveries can be managed for commercial customers in a timely fashion.

Laundry and dry cleaning aggregators

The multiple laundries and dry cleaning shops can seamlessly mobilize and manage the services seamlessly.

How Laundry App Improve
Laundry Business Outcomes?

Simplify the people’s lives with an easy pick-up to wash clothes, get them ironed, or dry clean them on demand, and get them all returned in the estimated time. The utter convenience delights the users and brings a bunch of advantages to laundry businesses.

BubbleWash Laundry Clone App-Wash Price

Benefits for dry clean and laundry App Solution

  • Establish the laundry business image and build its credibility with a high-quality mobile app.
  • The improved collaboration among pick-up, delivery, and laundry enables better operations.
  • Keep adding laundry to the platform with estimated service time and growing the business.
  • Digital invoicing enables speedy checkout.
  • No more errors in laundry services and payment that keep the customers happy.
  • In-depth analysis of the customer services and feedback to keep the laundry services up-to-date.
  • The superior order management and staff management.

The On-Demand Laundry App Provides for Canada, UK, USA

Remembering the different types of clothes and the laundry services to provide against every order is never been easier neither for the customers nor for the laundry service providers. The range of features in different interfaces of the laundry app enables it at the ease of a click.


Laundry owners can create the profile including name, address, services offered, and the price.

Washing charges

Set multiple prices based on the type of clothes, location, bundle size, and other things.

Accept/reject requests

Accept, cancel, or reschedule the laundry order requests.

Order History

Daily, weekly and monthly orders can be viewed at a single place.

Task assignment

Delegate the tasks of pick-up and delivery to the staff instantly based on the laundry needs.

Payment management

Track the payment that is completed or pending anytime, anywhere.

Easy onboarding

Effortlessly register and log in using the email id, social platforms, or phone number.

Explore services

Search the laundry wash services that washers provide.


Schedule the pick-up and drop up by setting the location, date and time for the order.

Hassle-free pick-up request

Just a single tap and the users can place the laundry pick-up request.


View the order status whether it’s processed, washed, dried, or out for delivery.

Laundrymen tracking

The laundryman’s location can be tracked to help them easily reach the order’s locations.


The various updates are sent in the form of SMS, email, or in-app notification.

Order history

View all the previous and future orders placed to avoid any kind of manipulations.

Review and rating

Rate and provide feedback based on the quality services received.

Cost calculator

Get an estimate of the laundry cost before placing the order.

In-app payment

The users can make payments through different modes such as cash, cards, mobile wallets, and others.


The centralized dashboard to view and manage all the data at a single place.

Laundryman management

Add and manage all the laundryman and the activities assigned to them.

User management

View and manage all the registered users and their details.

Category management

Create and manage all cloth categories and prices for the same.

Loyalty programs

Manage the deals, discounts, or referral programs for various users.

Commission management

Manage the commissions that are deducted from the service providers’ earnings.

Actionable analytics

Leverage the rich insight from generated reports to make the data-driven decisions that help in enhancing the services.

Custom Laundry App Development
That Works For Your Laundry Business

The application packed with powerful features
and integrations can be tailor-made to meet your laundry needs with the following add-ons.


The off-the-shelf solution allows you to mobilize the car wash booking system in a week with reduced time and dollars.

Facilitate customization

Get the app rebranded under your car wash business name with a list of tailored features and UI for customers, and car washers.

Hassle-free Integrations

Choose the preferred push notification API, payment gateways, analytics, and others, which our team will implement as you select.

Brilliant UI/UX

The UI/UX designers thoughtfully craft the car wash booking apps wearing the customer’s lens that delivers amazing experiences.


The app can scale up the support for the number of customers, and other services as the car washing business expand.

Complete support

The team provides technical support from the inception of the project to the time it launches and stays alive.

How We Implement And Launch Your Future Laundry App?

Requirement gathering

Requirement Gathering

The business consultant and technical lead discuss with the client to know business needs.

Custom App

Custom app development

The app is tailor-made with a creative twist to make the app’s look-and-feel stay sync with your brand.

Server Setup and backup

Server setup and backup

For data ownership and security reasons, we prefer setting up the solution server in-house.

Security compliance check

Security compliance check

A security audit is performed to ensure the app meets the food delivery industry standards and other regulations.

App Store Launch

App store launch

The developers help in listing the Android and iOS apps on the respective play store and Apple store.

Support and Maintanance

Support and maintenance

The technical team dedicatedly offers support and maintenance services 24/7 when required.

The Technology Stack Behind Laundry App Solution

We recommend React Native Development for Mobile apps while Laravel Development or NodeJS Development for Admin Panel and Web Services.

Programming Language

Technology Java



Technology Shift 4

Swift 4


Technology Kotlin


React Native

Technology React


Mobile App Design

Design Tool Illustrator


Screen Designing Tool

Design Tool Photoshop


Wireframe Design Tool

Design Tool Balsamiq

Balsamiq 3.5.15

HTML – CSS Conversion Tool

Design Tool Dreamviewer

Dreamweaver 18.0 (2018)

Web Development Language

Technology PHP



Database MySQL


Hosting Server

Server Ubuntu

Ubuntu 16.04

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop a laundry service app?

Different factors such as platform choice, features, and design complexity define the laundry app development cost. Also, the type of solution like- custom development, white-label solution, and subscription model impact the cost.

How long will it take to build a laundry app Solution?

If you opt for a readymade solution or subscription model, it takes a week or two to get an app. But, for the custom development, the timeline stretches to months.

I want details about post-development support?

We provide free maintenance and support for six months for the clients who opt for custom solutions. The clients who choose a subscription-based option, they receive the support and maintenance services till they are subscribed.

Which is the best option - custom software, ready-made solution, or a subscription model?

It depends on your budget & the level/stage your business is presently on. If you are already in a laundry business that is running successfully, a custom solution would be the best for you. But If you are on the starting level or thinking to launch a startup without any prior business presence in your niche, a ready-made solution or a monthly subscription model would be more suitable.

How does an On demand laundry and dry cleaners app make money/profit?

Whatever your business model is, be it commission-based, multiple laundry business shop chains, or a single shop; such apps help you efficiently manage all business processes, along with improving your brand’s online presence. It ultimately leads to better customer service, a rise in the brand’s popularity, and increased revenue.

Do you provide multilingual laundry software?

Yes, we offer apps in more than one language as per the client’s requirements.

Hybrid or native app? Which one is better?

Although hybrid apps are easier to build, & require less maintenance, these can’t beat the native apps when it comes to the user experience, speed, and performance. So If your main concern is to provide better customer experience, you should opt for the native apps.

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