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Top 5 best Node.js use cases

Apart from its speed, Node.js has a number of features that developers can use in a variety of applications. Let’s take a look at some of Node.js’ most useful applications.

Real-time applications

When asked, “What is the best use case for Node.js Development?” The real-time application is then the solution. This is one application where Node.js excels. Let’s look at why Node.js is so common for real-time apps:

Node.js allows you to reuse and share Node.js bundles, which are used to store library code.

As a result, data sync between the server and the client is fast.

It can easily handle a large number of client requests.

In a nutshell, if real-time data processing and scalability are two important considerations for your project, Node.js is the best technology to use.

Not only that, but there are several other reasons why Node.js should be used in real-time application creation. So, if anyone asks why you choose Node.js for a real-time application, here’s why.

Event-based server

Multiple real-time users must be dealt with in real-time applications. That’s where Node.js comes in, as it allows for non-blocking responses that are based on an event-driven server.

Data sync

The non-blocking I/O function is used by a Node.js developer. It also allows for quick data transfer between the client and the server.

Proxy server

Node is the best choice whenever intermediary administrators are needed. To use Node.js as a proxy server, a developer must add 20 lines of code. After that, the framework would be well-suited for streaming data from different sources.

Other prominent real-time application use cases

The number of real-time device use cases is enormous. As a result, it’s critical to address some of the most common real-time application use cases, including:

Application monitoring dashboard

Another famous Node.js application is monitoring website users and visualising all of their real-time interactions.

You can obtain real-time statistics about your users here.

You can take things a step further by introducing targeted interactions with your users by simply opening the contact channel when your users hit a particular point in the funnel.

This is extremely beneficial to every company because it allows them to see what their customers or guests are doing in real time. It also allows them to see their interactions in real time. This data are important, and companies will use them to develop their services. It’s all possible thanks to Node.js’ real-time and two-way sockets.

System monitoring dashboard

Let’s take a look at the infrastructure side of things now. Consider a SaaS provider who wants to provide their users with a service-monitoring page similar to GitHub’s status page.

The Node.js event-loop allows you to create a powerful web-based dashboard that can asynchronously check the status of services. With the support of WebSockets, it also moves data to the client.

You will use this technology to report on the state of both public and internal facilities in real time.

Consider a Network Operations Center (NOC) controlling applications in a financial institution, a telephone operator, or a cloud/network/hosting provider, all of which are run on an open web stack with WebSockets and Node.js instead of Java or Java Applets.

Video streaming

Streaming is the process of sending large volumes of data in small batches rather than in one large batch. For creating video streaming applications, Node.js is an excellent alternative. It’s ideal because it comes with built-in video streaming modules.

It also allows for the development of both writable and readable data sources. You can also process the files as they are being uploaded with Node.js.

Highly scalable applications

Node.js has been the platform of choice for all applications and systems that see a steady increase in their user base. Node.js is used by companies such as Walmart, PayPal, Uber, Netflix, LinkedIn, and many others because it allows for smooth scalability.

Node.js’ cutting-edge technology includes features such as cluster modules. It enables load balancing across multiple CPU cores, making it easier to deliver desired results through smaller modules without depleting RAM.

Not only that, but Node.js uses a non-blocking event-loop system that allows servers to process requests in real time.


A chat application is the most common example of a real-time and multi-user application. Since it’s a data-intensive, high-traffic, and lightweight application that runs through many distributed devices, a chat application is one of the best use cases for Node.js.

Server-Side Proxy

In web Development applications, a third-party proxy may cause havoc. Many popular third-party servers, such as Nginx and HAProxy, struggle to handle multiple requests at times.

Node.js can be a lifesaver because it can easily be used as a server-side proxy because it can handle a large number of simultaneous connections while remaining non-blocking.

BBC News is an example of a NodeJS application. The BBC news website interacts with a number of third-party servers and gathers information from a variety of outlets. Node.js assists in proxying various providers with varying response times.

If your proxying infrastructure isn’t up to par, or if you need a solution for local growth, you can use Node.js.

It means you can use the Node.js development server for assets and stubbing API requests to build a client-side app. While in development, dedicated proxy servers like HAProxy and nginx can handle such interactions.

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